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*** LAST UPDATED 2007 ***

*** LAST UPDATED 2007 ***

Welcome to, a.k.a $hurik Entertainment. If this is your first time here, then you, like most other normal people will come to this page first to find out a little more about this website. Here is just a brief overview of what this place is all about, who created it and why.

Location: Sydney, Australia
Personal: Name - Shurik (Alex), born - Ukraine. Want to know more —

A step back in time: Although Shurik is the one who updates, creates and writes most of the things around here - there is a little man behind all this, who has helped out in the beginning and got the website off the ground. His name is Seny, and here is a photo of him (top) smiling (it took over 15 minutes to even get that smile out of him). So, in 1999, when I didn't know that websites could actually be created without an IT degree, I asked Seny to show me how this could be done. After a few months of insults and threats, he finally decided to create a simple layout, with which I worked with for a while, until I eventually mastered the skill of plagiarising and changing any page of my choice to whatever I want it to look like! Here are some poor quality screen-shots of what the website used to look like:
1999 - 2000 - the original look. A few errors, since it's very old & I lost some of the pictures. The internet police decided that my photos were too obscene, and closed it down. Half a year later I reopened this:
2001-2002 - a more modern look. This is when I began to do things myself, both coding & design. I created a disclaimer so the fukin cops would leave me alone.
2003 - little change, just the logo. I changed the logo now and then, sometimes put a funny photo there, or change it depending on whats on (ie. Christmas, Hanukkah, etc.)

The original URL was I then changed it to, and after a few years when I saved up $30, I bought And now, after gettin sick of using free web-hosts, Shoorick
(bottom) from Brisbane has decided to help out this genius from Sydney and let me use him as a web-host. Thanx buddy! :-)
2006 - a few changes here and there. In case you missed it - here is the 2004 look, the idea is still the same, but it looks a little better. One day I might even create this in Flash, thus making it interactive.

Also, Petya, aka Dzhigit (middle) has helped with the guestbook and Shoorick has set up a photo database, which is fukin great! :-)

Thanx to...




Ok, now a little about what is on this site. Become a member and maybe get to know some of the other people who peruse this website. Probably the two most popular pages here are Photo-Album & GuestBook. The photos page is obvious: everyone we know and don't know are on it. The last few years of my and some of my friends' lives could probably be followed just by looking at the photos and reading the GuestBook. The GuestBook is a little different though. Originally created for people visiting the site to leave their comments - it is now more of a chatroom then anything else. Sometimes, the guestbook gets very busy, so I've placed a forum on the website in case people want to discuss something in more detail. We often get visitors writing some smartass comment about someone.....and then it begins!!! Anyway, everyone is welcome to write what ever they feel in there, I don't really care what it is, and in what language it is written in. I think we've seen it all!

We then have pages such as Useless Links, and just a bunch of other crap that you will have to go through on your own. I change and add things all the time, so if you have any questions - read faq. Want to stand out, or wear/have something that probably noone else has? Then visit our on-line store. Can't get laid? Time to get married? Then try your luck here.

Well! We now have a little community happening, with people living in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth & Tasmania, not to mention other countries & cities, so far: New York, San Francisco, New Zealand, Germany, London and of course, all over the former USSR. I guess this will only expand, so we are looking to take over the rest of the Australia, and then move on to the other countries. But, since we are so friendly - if anyone is visiting Sydney (or other places in Australia), don't be shy and contact us! And no, you don't have to be Russian. We don't really care who we get blind drunk and then take advantage of! And yes, our girls do take advantage of drunk men too! Ps. this can be seasonal - so if you catch us during a boring season - too bad! :-) To check what's on - see our events calendar.


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