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Friday, 9. May 2008 15:22 


Note to all guestbook users: due to certain complications & laziness, this guestbook is here as an archive only and will no longer work.

You can contact/comment in many other ways, listed below:


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Other: email, phone, home you know the details

Thank you,

- Shurik/Admin


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Friday, 9. May 2008 13:56 

ne nado pit'!!!

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Thursday, 17. April 2008 06:27 Send E-mail

hi all,

i am frantically looking for a Russian copy of Tolstoy's 'Anna Karenina' as a present for a friend. Does anyone know of a Russian bookseller in Sydney? Till this far I haven't been succesfull. Any tips are most appreciated! (

Thank you!

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Monday, 11. February 2008 21:44 

- , :

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Saturday, 12. January 2008 23:26 

Hey, sorry... pro myshku ... eto ja potomu, chto po japonscomu goroskopu god Myshi/Krysy nachinaetsja!!!!

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Saturday, 12. January 2008 10:06 

Natasha, spasibo bolshoe!! i naschet mishonka tozhe (even though it sounds a little weird) heheee

Y menya pomenyalos' 3 telefona za 2 nedeli, telefonih nomerov nebilo, prihodilo mnogo messages - ya tolko otvechal 'spasibo, vas tozhe, a kto eto? '

Pogulyali mi kak nado!! Skoro fotki bydyt!

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Natalja, UK  

Monday, 7. January 2008 22:55 

Surochkaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa s Novym godom tebja!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! V Germanii vljublennye nezhno nasyvajut drug druga "maus", chto osnachaet myshonok! Tak vot zhelaju tebe v etom godu naiti i sohranit svju "maus"!

PS Ja tebe pytalatj dosvonitja v kanun "vashego" Novogo goda... besuspeshno Nadejusj vy sdorovo poguljali.. hotja sa vas ja ne perezhivaju..
Ja byla surfing v Newque na ocean

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Monday, 24. December 2007 04:34 

Bolshoe spasibo ot menya i Vadima!!
Yes we are planning an outing and if you are not invited that is probably because you are in a different country and will be there for a while longer
Hope you have a wooonderful New Years and it would be nice to see you in 2008, maybe even one night
Fotki poluchil, spasibo, na site zakiny skoro - poka postavil ih v ochered'

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yula (st petersburg)

Saturday, 22. December 2007 12:09 Send E-mail

Shura, Vadimchik,
Happy Birthday!!!! wanted to wish you both all the very best!!! lots of love and good fortune!
Dont know if you guys are planning an outing, but if you are and you haven't invited me, shame on you both!!!! Hope everything goes well!!!!
my very best!
yula xx

ps. shurik, did you get my pics?

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Saturday, 22. December 2007 07:15 

Kuzyaaaaaaa )
Facebook is a good place for stalkers, this place is just taking a breather

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Thursday, 20. December 2007 14:39 Send E-mail

Happy Birthday Shurochka!

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Wednesday, 19. December 2007 04:17 

Guys please tell me that facebook did not kill this place...



Tam kto to est? Eto ya domovenok kuzya :)

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Thursday, 15. November 2007 13:00 Send E-mail
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Sunday, 21. October 2007 04:11 

Ula, after a few weeks of trying to figure out what drugs you are on over-there - we still haven't, but it's good to hear from you and I hope you will have some photos from Bukhara & many other wonderful places you visit on the way )

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yula uzbek  

Tuesday, 2. October 2007 08:36 

Hey guys!!! how are you??? I'm feeling far away and decided to check on whats going on back home. Shurik your website is great!!!

Israel, Olya, congrats and mazal tov on your wedding and on the upcoming bundle. Amazing what can happen in a year!!!

I'm writing from Bukhara,Uzbekistan. i'm here on a mission and have been sent on a silk road trip. We are following the ancient silk road from Beijing, China to Istanbul, Turkey through some of the "stans" eg kyrgyz, uzbek, turkmen as well as georgia and Azerbaijan. No flights, all is overland either by bus, boat or taxi.
Uzbekistan is incredible!! Samarkand and Bukhara are amazing and so ancient. I've visited so many mosques in the last week that i'm now qualified to recite some verses from the Koran
Like Olya, I should also fall pregnant soon as i have climbed over and under some mystical korans and rocks which increase the chances of falling pregnant with or without a man.
Although, i'm not sure whats going on with the male species over here... I think we got through most of the road checkpoints with relative ease because i put on some make up.

If anyone wants me to say hi to any relatives let me know.

Hope everyones doing well!!!

All the very best,


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Thursday, 27. September 2007 01:13 

ye u shud...
highly overdue cus the last time i saw u was like almost a year ago...shame on u!!!!

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Wednesday, 26. September 2007 10:41 

I should shouldn't I? )

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Tuesday, 25. September 2007 08:50 

Shurik are u coming down or wat? Israel mazel tov on the upcoming arrival :)

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Friday, 21. September 2007 01:08 

All updates are now

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Tuesday, 14. August 2007 05:28 

From Aug. 15 - Sept. 15, we get get FREE standard shipping on all orders over $20!


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Wednesday, 8. August 2007 06:16 

Hey! Party @ Shurik's!!!!

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Wednesday, 8. August 2007 00:34 

intercom fixed.

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Sunday, 15. July 2007 09:50 
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Wednesday, 11. July 2007 22:57 - Some new photos

Ostalnie fotki tozhe skoro postavlu (mnogo)............menya zavalili vsem na rabote, so had no time - be patient

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Thursday, 5. July 2007 04:37 

MOAHAHAHAHAHAH :) Monya, what a classic!

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Wednesday, 4. July 2007 00:03 
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Monday, 2. July 2007 23:24 

Mne zaebali vse!
Ya sam ne kuru a doma kak v chinese opium den! i spat' potom tam ne mogy!
I'm going to install a large ash-tray in the corridor, pust tam teper vse zavisaut, znakomyatsa, s sosedyami obshautsa )

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Monday, 2. July 2007 17:59 

$hurik, what brought on a change to the 'cancer for all' policy at your establishment?

I am for one is very happy :)

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Monday, 2. July 2007 02:00 

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Saturday, 30. June 2007 16:23 

From 1 July 2007 you will no longer be able to smoke in enclosed licensed premises (including gaming rooms & Shurik's House).

Smoking will be permitted in outdoor dining or drinking areas, unless the outdoor area has a roof, as well as walls that cover more than 75% of the wall area. At Crown Casino, smoking will only be permitted in certain high roller rooms.

Smoking in corridors of Redfern buildings will also be allowed.

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Friday, 29. June 2007 08:13 

daaaaaaa ya znau ety draku!!! I love it!! The begining part is the best, zhalko chto ee tyt net. Y menya davno bil link na eto video no ego tozhe zakrili! Esli dostanesh gdeto video on an actual file - plz vishli mne )

ne znal chto ti voobshe takie veshi smotrish

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Friday, 29. June 2007 00:44 

! , .. , . , :)

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Thursday, 28. June 2007 10:51 

A y menya niche ne podnyalos'! Ulya, a che tam bilo?!! I got this message:

"This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Pride FC Worldwide Holdings, LLC"

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Thursday, 28. June 2007 03:38

, :)

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Friday, 22. June 2007 05:27 

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Monday, 18. June 2007 07:34 Send E-mail

Olichka Izrael.....prosti te chto tak pozdno, no ia tolko yvidev fotos yznala o vashem wedding....
, .
, ,
, , :

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Sunday, 17. June 2007 10:04 

funny cunt

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Friday, 15. June 2007 06:12 
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Uncle Gino  

Thursday, 14. June 2007 14:48 

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Friday, 8. June 2007 08:45 Send E-mail

Sanichka zaia gdy skoreishego poiavlenia tvoem syper webe.....Kiss ya krepko ....

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Thursday, 7. June 2007 07:01 

I'll give you a call........won't have too much time, but I'll come by say hello

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Wednesday, 6. June 2007 15:10 

Are we catching up before 7? Or you don't have time?

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Wednesday, 6. June 2007 03:02 


Miss Russian Speaking Australia - NEW

Tropicana - UPDATED

Unplanned picnic - UPDATED (older photos)


Linka, vot tebe fotki + prover' pochtu (not email, actual pochta)

Sasha! Lubov' vzaimna Zhdy fotki!

Lubchik, we are leaving around 7pm on friday, going to the Entrance - about 2 hours from home.

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Sally Kraus  

Tuesday, 5. June 2007 08:28 

cool site i liked your site

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Monday, 4. June 2007 09:07 

Vlad darling, how could i be such a bitch and didn't ask how our lovely Romachka is? So sorry, I've been going out heaps, not thinking clear
So i suppose i will see you's on Friday nite, and hopefully Monday when you all back.
Miss you all

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Monday, 4. June 2007 09:02 

Shurik sweetie, still have same number. Would love to see you Friday, what time u have to leave Sydney? And where is this house you going to? what's that place called?

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Monday, 4. June 2007 06:54 Send E-mail

Shyra .....Love ya

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Monday, 4. June 2007 06:36 

Shurik, gde fotki s konkursa? uje June a ih wse net????

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Monday, 4. June 2007 02:35 

Sorry Lyubchik, i forgot to mention that Romochka will be in town :)

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Sunday, 3. June 2007 11:02 

Lyubov' !!! yeah im also going away fri avo...but i would love to see u :))
not much happening, chto u tebya ?

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Saturday, 2. June 2007 08:42 

We rented a house 2 hours from Sydney, leaving fri nite, but I do wana see you - so unless you changed your number, expect a call


Free Delivery June 1-17 (use the code)

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Friday, 1. June 2007 16:54 

Hi Vlad, it looks good. I saw few photos.
Are you going away too?
What's been happening?

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Friday, 1. June 2007 16:52 

Hi Shurik, will be there from friday morning, going to couple of parties on sat and sund. So friday definetely free and would be nice to see you
We'll all have few drinks, maybe go somewhere.
Where are you guys going for the weekend?

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Friday, 1. June 2007 02:58 

Lubochka ! Ya reshil skin hedom stat'...zadalbali menya eti evreii & vse tam raznie rozhi vsyakih tam yuzhnih natsionalnostei !!!

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Wednesday, 30. May 2007 13:12 

sounds good!
ok, so whats the plan for friday night? Need to know, so I can decide whether I hang around Sydney for a day longer or just go with the others

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Wednesday, 30. May 2007 10:22 

Vlad, kak dela? Chto ti golovu brit nachal?
Shurik, let me know when u all back, coz I might extend my stay , girls planned many parties to go to as they know heaps of ppl there, so I might not be ready to go back to work,

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Wednesday, 30. May 2007 02:16 
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Monday, 28. May 2007 01:10 

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Sunday, 27. May 2007 23:30 

Get the permission
We are away till the 11th, so unless I leave a day later - we'll catch up on the monday

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Sunday, 27. May 2007 22:47 

Lubochka :)))

can you come down this weekened...mne nado golovu pobrit' !!!???

odna mozhet levuyu polovinu pobrit a vtoraya pravuyu :)

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Sunday, 27. May 2007 11:45 

Hello hello, just arrived from QLD

Can't put photos on guest book whithout girls permission. But we coming on 8th and leaving on 12th, staying at some appartment on darling harbour, not sure, didn't book it. So if u guys are in sydney, we'll catch up

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Friday, 25. May 2007 04:53 

When u ask monya to do something - he says "ne mogy"

when you ask monya for an opinion (sometimes you dont even need to ask) - he doesnt shut up

WWMS is Monya's idea

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Uncle Gino  

Thursday, 24. May 2007 23:26 

It should be WWMD - What Would Monya Do...

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Thursday, 24. May 2007 23:19 

So what days are you guys here and where are you staying?
ps. I dont trust anyone's opinion on girls, so would you be so kind and supply this wonderful guestbook with a photo of your gorgeous friends?


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Uncle Gino  

Thursday, 24. May 2007 14:34 

They're way too old for Shurik.

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Thursday, 24. May 2007 13:45 

Well, 1 of them is Michelle, 23, my hairdresser, russian and the other one 17, Roshelle, also hairdresser and russian. Very gorgeous girls and we going to party We'll be there for 4 days

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Thursday, 24. May 2007 13:39 

funny cunt

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Thursday, 24. May 2007 11:36 

oohhh I see what you doing now!!
more info......please

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Thursday, 24. May 2007 08:17 

That's cool Shurik! Was going to introduce you to my 2 gorgeous girls that I'm coming with

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Wednesday, 23. May 2007 23:14 

Lubchik!! )
uummm..... the long weekend, we might not be in Sydney

Israel escaped form the zoo )

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Wednesday, 23. May 2007 11:27 

Oops, meant to say hope u all well!

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Wednesday, 23. May 2007 11:27 

Hello everyone! Long time no see!
But I'll see you all on the 8th of June, back to Sydney for long weekend.
Hope u all and see u soon

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Wednesday, 23. May 2007 06:03 Interesting article :)

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Wednesday, 16. May 2007 18:22 

Rebyata, vsem ogromnoe spasibo za pozdravleniya! :)

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Wednesday, 16. May 2007 10:46 

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Wednesday, 16. May 2007 09:47 Send E-mail

that was a lousy job...

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Tuesday, 15. May 2007 05:06 

New photos added:


9th of May

Vse kto bili i delali fotki - zhdy photos from:
Russian Beauty Contest
My house
any others...

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Monday, 14. May 2007 12:18 

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Kitten With A Whip  

Sunday, 13. May 2007 10:12 

Congrats to (Ukraine) for coming in 2nd at Eurovision!

And the same goes to the boobylicious girls from Russia for grabbing the bronze.

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Friday, 11. May 2007 08:01 

2068) IP logged  

Wednesday, 9. May 2007 04:42 


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Uncle Gino  

Tuesday, 8. May 2007 17:59 

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Tuesday, 8. May 2007 13:17 

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Tuesday, 8. May 2007 10:59 

For full updates, keep your eye on:

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Tuesday, 8. May 2007 09:32 Send E-mail

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Saturday, 5. May 2007 14:00 


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Friday, 4. May 2007 02:04 

Wedding of the people most of you probably don't know

But you might know some of the guests!

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Thursday, 3. May 2007 11:48 Send E-mail

this picture made me hungry...

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Thursday, 3. May 2007 11:29 

A esli za shnurochek dernete, Monya sduetsa

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Thursday, 3. May 2007 08:31 Send E-mail

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Wednesday, 2. May 2007 06:36 

Its not politically correct!!!

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Wednesday, 2. May 2007 05:36 

Whats wrong with this picture?

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Tuesday, 1. May 2007 11:51 Send E-mail

Umnichka ty moja, staralsja!!

Nu ne ploho poluchilosj, mogu skasatj!!

Privet is solnechnoi Anglii!

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Tuesday, 1. May 2007 06:05 
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Kitten With A Whip

Monday, 30. April 2007 08:59 Send E-mail

Your site's a blast.

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Monday, 30. April 2007 02:13 
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Uncle Gino  

Saturday, 28. April 2007 15:25 

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Saturday, 28. April 2007 14:26 

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Saturday, 28. April 2007 13:52 

a y nas skoro bydet svadba!

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Thursday, 26. April 2007 17:30 

Besides Roma, the table's legs are out of perspective :)

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