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*** LAST UPDATED 2007 ***

Q. Why $hurik Entertainment?

A. Because my name is Shurik and I just like the sound of it. :-)

Q. How often do you update your page?

A. As soon as I get something new to put on it. This could be everyday, or once a month. In the end, it all depends on people sending me photos, pictures or links to something interesting. So send me something.....now!

Q. Are you making money from this site?

A. No, but if I find a way - I will. This is probably the closest thing to making money......well, kind of.

Q. You need to put on some more porn on your site.

A. Want porn? Go to a porn site! The closest thing to porn you will find here.

Q. Some of the links on your site don't work.

A. If you find any dead links on my site, please let me know so I can get them fixed asap.

Q. Why did you buy e-shurik.com, and not shurik.com?

A. Unfortunately, shurik.com, shurik.net and shurik.org have all been taken, so the best alternative there was e-shurik.com.

Q. There is a photo of me in your Photo-Album and I want you to take it off.

A. Send us an email, explain your reasons - and we may consider it. Most likely response - learn to smile.

Q. How do I get access to the 'Sick Pix' section of your website?

A. You go to that section, fill in the form, send it and wait for your password. Usualy takes about 1-3 days, unless you wrote your email wrong - in which case good luck. Same goes for 'Sex Stories' section.

Q. How do I get to see the 'banned' or 'under password' photos in the Photo-Album?

A. Banned photos are banned and can only be accessed by the administrator. Photos under password can be accessed with a log-in and password. Email us, mention which photos you want to access - and you may get access.

Q. I want you to put a link to my website from yours.

A. Depending on your website - the link will be placed in the appropriate section, as long as it is linked back. Email us for more info.

Q. Do you design this website on your own?

A. Most of this information you will find here. I am not a web-developer, don't have a clue about programming, but have a brief graphic design background. About 90% of the things on this website are created by me, the rest by others, mentioned once again, here.

Q. Buddy, there is a picture of my wife on your website (before we got married), and personally, I don't feel comfortable with her being there like that. Take it off.

A. People get married, people move on. But memories, my friend - stay forever. Your kids will thank me one day.

Q. How much does it cost to crash at your place if I come down for the weekend?

A. Even though my place has become like a hotel over the years - I still get to choose who stays over (and I don't charge). Name, age, gender, photo - and then we talk.

Q. I recon all you russians should make a movie about your life. Get drunk, fight, party!! :)

A. Is this how people view our our lives? hhmm..... Well, we have already made a movie, can't say its about our lives, but we are in it (drink, fight, etc...) Here, enjoy!

Q. I've just opened a business and need to build a website + logo and all those things for it. Can you help or know someone who can?

A. Logo, business cards, etc - I can do. Website - something I don't like getting into unless I really have to. Can recommend someone, might cost a little though.

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