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World Trip, Part 1:

Goodbye Australia Narita (Japan) Amsterdam (Netherlands) Paris (France) Pamplona/Madrid (Spain)

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Around the world
in 61,920 minutes:

Taking over the
world 18 steps
at a time

Our itinerary zoomed

Farewell drinks at the
Belgian Beer Cafe

Same table from
the other side

Monya uzhe privik
chto na nem visyat

Lechimsya vodkoi
i whisky

The world requires
a new look

A bit of a female touch

Everyone wants to
get their hands on
Shurik's hair

This is what happens
when you get too close
to the main hairdresser,
Israel :-)

A v eto vremya
neznakomaya devchenka
mahaetsya sablei

Kakoi idiot dal
emy eti prava?!

Darina zaplela kosichky :-)

After experimenting
with patterns, Israel
admitted he had no
skill & decided
to just shave the
whole thing off
(apart from the plat
in the back) :-)

This is what we
do at 3am on a
friday night :-)

My body is still
in Australia, but
my mind is already
seeing the world

Some of the people
who couldn't wait
for us to leave :-)

Vodochky i pary
teplih slov na

Kids - look after yourselves
while we are away!

Monya's first encounter
with religion

Narita, JAPAN:
Our first stop.
Vadim & Shurik
decided to use the
5 hour stopover
to explore the nearby
town Narita, while
Monya & Zoya stayed
in the airport.
(Could not help but underline
the fact that Quantas cannot even
align the instructions on the ticket)

Unfortunately, it was
raining and Shurik's
shoes had their first
experience in getting
completely soaked

Making our way towards
a Japanese Temple

Fish, alive, thrown up
in the air, then stabbed
to the table with a knife
& within seconds it is
cut to little pieces,
ready to be rolled
into sushi. This is
all on one of the
main streets we walked

Newsagency inside a
train station. The
air felt kinda clean!

McDonald's. Even
giving change in a
place like this, Japanese
show full respect
& politeness


Smoking room at
the Japanese Airport.
Out of all the airports
we visited during our
trip, this was by far
the most organised,
clean & quickest.

One thing that was
a little out of
place at the airport
- was their public toilet.
But the one in Macdonald's,
just down the road,
had options of a
luxury car.

A little more
from our short stopover

This is now our
first major stop. Yeah!.
(As shown, the Japanese seem
to line up all the instructions
without a problem, unlike Qantas )

Airplane food. Horrible,
horrible shit. Feel
sorry for anyone who has
to eat this on regular
basis. This meal, on
JAL airline, was probably
the best tasting out of
all the others that we

Looking at ourselves from
the air. About to
land, excitement hard
to describe.

Our unofficial guide. From
the very first minute,
Monya started studing the
maps and taking us around
the world. We just had
to keep up with his fast
walking pace. :-)

First thing that grabs
your attention - are

Funky coloured bicycles
that you can hire...
(but never did!) :-(

...and not so flashy
ones too. Classics!

Bicycles that get
your whole family

and of course, wide
bicycle lanes, which
make it quite safe
and convenient to ride

Some countries have multi-story
car parks, but here, they
have multi-story bicycle
racks. This place is massive
and is packed to the max
with bicycles only.

Having few cameras
gives you the option of
taking photos from different
angles. It also gives
you that extra security,
in case your memory
card decides to suddenly
stop working, as it
happened to Monya, so
we will not see his
side of this and some
other photos.

As you can see, the
streets here are full
of traffic. You can just
feel the pollution! :-)

Zoishe in her airport
outfit. In case she
ever got lost, we just
looked for a girl in
an orange nighty

All over Europe parking
is a big problem.
This car looks like a
toy and would fit
almost anywhere

Traffic lights have a
countdown. Pretty
helpful when you
want to know how
long it is before a
car hits you

Apparently there are thieves
everywhere, all over
Europe. Thankfully, we
did not encounter any

And now we are catching
a ferry though the city...

Some nice cafes
our boat traveled past

Visited the Anne Frank
House & Museum

Buskers of Amsterdam

And now... we shall
take a look at what
made Amsterdam so
famous & attractive to
tourists from all over the

You can buy a shirt...

If you are a kid &
there is a school assignment,
just take a walk to
the local markets & grow
some weed. It comes
with instructions!

If you don't want to
grow it yourself, almost
every coffee-shop will
be more then happy to
fulfill your needs.
So, let's go inside one
and see whats on the

On today's menu:
we have nice a variety,
except the coffee is only
a picture, what's for
sale is weed. By gram
or already rolled & packed
for your convinience

The process is: you
choose what you want,
it gets weighted, packed
and off you go.
(Photos of course are not allowed,
but who follows the rules?) :-)

For those intelligent stoners:
If you know what you
are looking for, feel
free to look at the product
through a microscope.

Or if you don't want all
that headache, just
buy a pre-rolled joint that
comes packed & branded
straight from a factory.
Where else but Amsterdam!? :-)

For those of you who
are against smoking, there
is always a choice. Funny
thing is, they sell those
in souvenir shops, right
next to the postcards! :-)

And in case you weren't
sure which one to buy,
here is the guide - enjoy! :-)

Basically, the rules here
are simple. You can smoke
anything, eat almost
anything, but whatever
you do - NO

And another rule!
whatever you do,
never, ever order a
cappuccino in Amsterdam!
They just have no idea
what it is! :-)

Enough of all that illegal
stuff, lets now see
the other side of
Amsterdam that not many
people talk about, but
was probably our
favourite part

No, it wasn't the train rides,
it's here, IAMSTERDAM,
the heart & the city
of Amsterdam

Beautiful day, we are
in Amsterdam!

! , !

Thats my name!
Well, at least I have
the first letter

The big M

Being very cultural and
visiting museums,
Van Gogh one of a few

Zavisaem na travke.
Photos of travka
by Zoishe :-)

This photo can summarise
our whole experience
in Amsterdam :-)

WonderLOST king
Monya otkluchilsya :-)

mmm... nothing tastes
better then water
where the dogs take

Tak i bit, poehali

The next morning -
shock horror! Amsterdam
as we know it will
never be the same

A formal letter from
our hotel management
explaining to their guests
the new laws of Netherlands

Ok, so no smoking inside,
rain outside...

The business owners
felt the impact straight
away - the cafes were
(But, as with any law - there is
a loop hole. You cannot smoke tobacco
or weed mixed with tobacco inside.
Pure weed on the other hand -
go ahead and smoke inside! Makes
sence? Not really) :-)

And then there is the
third side to Amsterdam,
the night life! We
are now walking into
the red light district...

In Sydney, from a
vending machine you
buy Mars Bars & Chips.
In Amsterdam you buy
porn with animals &
whips. Interesting!

Girls...red light...girls...

Made a video of the
main street and took
a still shot. The quality is crap,
but if I stopped for more
then a second to
take a proper photo,
one of the ladies would
probably chase me down
the street with her
dildo. Safety first
I say!

oooohh skolko vsego!
Y Zoi glaza razbigalis! :-)

Alright, enough fun, let's
go home

Back at home we
give each other
super-cool haircuts :-p

Tak kak Zoichkini ruchki rastyt
iz zhopi, kosichky vot
takuu zaplesti ona
ne mogla, vot i prishlos
togda vse sbrivat' :-(

One year anniversary!
The last time we did
this was in Brisbane,
exactly a year ago

Yep, it was just sitting
there :-)

Monya lubit morozhenoe.
On tak-zhe lubit Avstraliu.

Munchies! Or just
colourful unhealthy

Saw this guy sitting
on a chair, eating a
burger, wearing an Aussie
jersey and a cactus
on his head. How
can you just walk past
and not take a photo?
10 seconds after the
photo was taken, he
was almost chasing me
down the street, asking
for money since apparently
this is his way of
busking. Personally, I
prefer this dude. I
escaped untouched :-)

If you ever visit Maccas
in Amsterdam, make sure you
order a McKroket!

Almost a $1 to use the
toilet. That's just
plain rude!

Why pay, if you can
do it for free in the
middle of the main strip,
where the urine flows
straight into the river.
Not so sure what
choices do the
ladies have...


The ones that almost
made it

The ones that almost
made it (2)

Amsterdam was great,
one of the major
highlights of our trip.
Now lets go and see
what the French are all

Making time fly,
enjoying a beer on
the train

A stop-over in
Brussels. Vadim &
Monya can tell people
that they have been
to Belgium

Hot' ne zhalko chto
na bilet babki potratili

Food & Entertainment
( Mi pizdili, a vi pizdili!?)

Paris, FRANCE:
Finally arrived to France
& as all good tourists do,
we took a tour to the
famous Louvre.

Tour-guide. Smotrite ne

One of few authentic
artifacts at the museum.
This one probably does
not even belong to France.

No-1 really gives a shit
about looking at photos
of art. It's either you see
it live, or you don't see it
at all. Here, figure this
one out.

There are only few things
worth taking a photo
of. Mona Lisa is one of
them. NOT Monya, Mona!

Aphrodite, the Greek godess
of love is another
one thats quite difficult
to get close to

After a while we got
a little bored

A bit too small for his

Tricky Zoya :-)

A pretty cool roman

Louvre from the inside

Us next to the Arc
de Triomphe

Vadim zakupil kartini na

i oni tak dooolgo sideli

Y Moni viros rog,
odin, religiozniy

This car is actually parked.
It is quite normal in
Paris to leave your car
parked anywhere, even
half way on the road.
It's a little difficult with
parking there.

Why drive when you
can rent a bike on
almost every second major
street. Once again we
did not rent one ourselves,
but this is a great service
and will hopefully be
adapted in Australia soon!

The first step Australians
should do, though, are
bike-lanes such as these
ones! Those are even
safer then in Amsterdam

No! You do not speak
English! The French
seem to ignore these
ads, even the
'English speaking' tour

Security of the Eiffel

A vot i ona, bashnya
kotoruu nenavidit pochti
kazhdiy frantsuz

Don't like Paris &
especially this tower.
Here, every angle captured

Bought a new camera
before going on this
holiday. The camera has
a pretty good zoom. Stood
next to that lady with
a dog, took a photo.
Called Monya, told them
to look this way, zoomed
in & took another photo.
You can just make out
Vadim, Monya & Zoya.
Cool stuff :-)

"Love" this tower so
much, that decided to
wear it as a hat.

Promoting Shilman's book
all over the world, by
randomly leaving it in
cafes, cabs, shops & even
bicycles, like the one here,
parked outside the Eiffel Tower.

Napoleon, why he is
portrayed as a hero in
France even the french
cannot explain

Tomb of Christ, tipa.

Gargoyles. One thing was
looking forward to but
was a bit of a disappointment

Gypsies! They come from
nowhere, in large groups,
searching for things to
steal or people to fool

Followed them around
for a while, while Monya,
Vadim & Zoya were stuck
in a lift, that broke down
half way down the
Eiffel Tower

"Do you speak English?"
If you answer "Yes", you
are then presented with
a letter, explaining how
the poor 'gypsy' woman
has come to this country,
lost her husband, has
a sick brother and 3
hungry kids. All the
letters from different
women are more or less

Eventually, though, the
police kicks them out

Zoishe! A photo of
you! :-)

And another one!
This bridge, like 90% of
all the other artifacts or
structures in Paris, is not
French. It's from Saint Petersburg.
Most other things in
Paris are either a gift
or stolen by someone
like Napoleon, who apparently
was an art-collector

Spend a few hours
looking for a place to
try the famous french
snails (escargot) & frogs.
Found the snails, with
frogs it was a little
difficult, the french just
laughed at us, especially
when we tried to imitate
what we wanted to

With some red wine
that's bottled in Bordeaux
(our next stop), those
snails actually taste pretty
damn good!

Moulin Rouge. Don't
go to strip-clubs when
the entry costs only 5
+ you get a free drink.
Not the safest decision

Those lamps are just
a tiny example of how
much work has gone
into everything around you

Survivors! Sometimes you
spend 50 for 1 dinner,
other times you stack up
on sandwiches to last you
3 days! Good job Zoishe!

Walking around was
a major part of
our days. Monya's socks
lasted exactly 2 days

Time to move along.
It is hard to explain how
much we hate Europcar.
Especially love the service.

Trying to fit our bags
in the boot of this
little hatchback was
always a mission.
(Note: we booked a

Driving through the streets
of Paris, in a manual car,
on the other side of
the road without 1st
figuring out how to put
the gear in reverse usually
ends bad. 10min after
starting out, Shurik has
slightly connected
with a road pole. :-)

Glavnoe spokoistvie, vse
idet po plany, ne nado
nervnichat! We are on our
way to Bordeaux.

When you have to pay
$4 for a toll in Sydney,
you get a little angry.
When you come up to
a toll booth in France,
& find out the toll is 29,
and that's just one of
3 - you begin to
curse in every language
you know. Not mentioning
the 1.50/l petrol! WTF?!

The ones that almost
made it

Pamplona, SPAIN:
The World-Famous
festival "San Fermin",
a.k.a. "The Running of the
Bulls" is once a year
event, around which
we planned a good
part of our trip

Today is the 6th July,
the opening day of
the festival, also
the biggest event this
town sees all year.
Stick together or
you will lose
your friend, everyone
is dressed identical!

The streets are packed
with people & rubish

The only thing left
for us to do is to
get drunk. And what else
do you drink in Spain
but Sangria! We even
bought little carry-bags,
so we can walk around
with it strapped over the

Found a place with
a nice view &
began our adventure

The 4 amigos,
that only in a few hours
will be wondering the
highways of Pamplona,
lost, tired & angry,
trying to find their
hotel & running like
little girls when a cab
finally drives past
& picks them up

Looks like Nazis
are not very popular
in this neighborhood.
Not that they are
popular anywhere, but
this was not the last
of these signs that we
came across there

Snacking & drinking

Some public toilets
were placed in the
square. Compared to the
amount of people at
the event, this toilet
was immensely overcrowded

Other people did
it behind illegaly
parked cars. As
seen here, the cars aren't
very liked by the
crowd & the air out
of the tire is quickly
let out, while a
kid is trying to
cover his eyes

We, on the other hand
found a big empty
wall & wrote our names
on it

One of the interesting
things found was the
wiring they had in
Pamplona. And this
is not temporary just
for the event, this
is the way all buildings
are connected with
each other

The next morning our
alarm went off at 6am.
It was the first day
of the bull-running, &
Shurik was on of the
contenders. While
you are standing,
waiting for the bulls
to be let out, you
are watching the clock
on top of the tower.
At 8am you hear
a loud bang and
then everyone is
for themselves, you
run for your life...

Everyone is packed
into a narrow street
like a sardine. There is
no room to move or
breathe. Most people
have been drinking all
night & you can smell
it in the air, apart from
many other things.
Zoya is asleep in
the hotel, Vadim &
Monya are on the
side of the fence.
Shurik is here,
somewhere in the middle
of this all

8am, the rocket goes
off & everyone begins
to run. Whatever the
other people in
the crowd were talking
about doesn't matter
at this point, there
are 11 massive fucking
bulls that are running
less then a meter
from you, you
are watching your
back & trying not
to trip over fallen

Spanish Police make
it clear, that if you
run any further - you'll
get really hurt
(by them, not the bulls)

Sneaked into the
continuation of the
bull show

If Shurik made it past
the police and through
those gates, he would
be one of those people,
playing with the bulls.

These bulls, for
your information, weight
up to 600kg each!

To get the bull out
of the circle, they need
to bring out another,
older bull to "walk"
the younger, crazier
one out

It's a good feeling
when you did
something you watched
on TV all your life
&, I guess, survived :-)
For Shurik, this
was one of 3 more or
less extreme

things done in 2008!

Some less fortunate
ended up in one
of these

Vadim & Monya
nashli Shurika!

Some more of the
bull fight

The next morning, the
streets were a little
filthy. In an hour, it
was all hosed away
and the festival continued

The locals love
the festival as
much as the tourists

Goodbye Pamplona,
you were great!

Opyat seli za rul',
huyarim v Madrid

Madrid, SPAIN:
Unfortunately, the
car didn't make it back
to Europcar. Well,
it almost did, the
last place it stopped was
exactly outside their
front door

To summarise, the
little poles in the
ground are very hard
to see, especially
when one is stuck
under the bonnet of
the car, you don't know
about it and someone
is telling you to
put your foot on the

The poor lady was
just amazed at the
fact that Shurik &
Monya found the whole
incident so funny! :-)

If anyone understands
Spanish, this form
may tell you a little
more then it told
us. But the picture
kind of explains
what the problem is

Now on foot, we
go out for some

Baileys? With milk!?

Anywhere you sit
down for a dinner,
dudes like this one
come along and
play some music.
This guy was actually
pretty good, so
we didn't feel bad
giving him a tip.
Some, though, were
just annoying

Taking a break
from exploring the

Back streets of

Vadim paranoid
of police

Some touristy shots

More touristy shots

Zoya chuvstvuet
sebya kak doma
v nashem otele

Being away from
his computer was
a bit too much for

Kak priyatno yvidet
rodnoi yazik

Tons of Prosciutto!


Shopping center outside
the Madrid airport,
where we were more
then happy to eat
some Maccas

The ones that almost
made it

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