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Trip to Melbourne:
So much more
fun to drive then
fly. People in
car #2

People from car
#1. Arrived a
day earlier.
We only saw
cows on the road,
no horses

12 hour drive, Inna
& Darina are
hiding their eyes

Melbourne - feels like home

Our first night of
adventures. Went
to the Melbourne
Comedy Festival,
lost a ticket that
never existed, got
a cabbie angry enough
to call the police,
came 30min late
to the show, laughed
our heads off and
met the star-comedian

Jimeoin, Darina's love,
a lot funnier live
then most of us

Later that night - met
up with some friends
from Melbourne &
randomly from Sydney.
Yasha, Ksusha, Marfa
& Kekc

Sofia & Yasha are
pretending to dance

Ksusha, Lubchik & Marfa

Roma, Sofya & Tanusha

Kamchatka i Odessa

Yasha znakomitsa s
car #2

Shurik i Lubchik


Roma & Sofya,
tozhe, znakomyatsa :-)

Marfa makes herself
known :-)

Radik nachal ocherednie
kursi, v etot raz
programirovanie. Ymniy
vzglyad, tipa znaet
chto delaet

Tanusha znaet svou


With our bargaining
skills, we got a 2-for-1

After a few hours at
a bar, we came home.
Yasha decided that his
night ended too quite.

Perepuganaya Tanya
srazu ybezhala

Yasha takes up his
strike position.

Yasha, kak pauk, zazhal
svou zhertvy. Sonechke
hana :-)

Next day - seeing
a bit of Melbourne

Inna nashla malchika po
svoemy vkusu

V galeree ne hodyat,
v nei lezhat

Roma's view from

Devochki mout ruchki

Dariny dolgo ne
mogli ottyanut'

Pohozhi, esli-bi ne
tvoi evreiskiy nos!

Poka Darina smotrit,
Inna uzhe s'hvatilas

Lezbiyanki na senovale.


Gallery & around

Old people. They
have no clue
where they are
or where they want to
go :-)

Street performers.
These people are
nuts. And the teddy
bear is there for
what reason??...

Sofya decided to
do some performance
too. But she didn't :-)

Bezhim druzhno
v tyalet

Trams, we never pay
for them in Melbourne.

Food poisoning. Even
salads can do that

Lunapark. Tanusha got
us kicked out



Melbourne has lots
of culture, some
history, planned roads &
traffic lights, that
were taken off the
streets in Sydney
about 10 years ago.
Heritage? :-)

Alla. Acland Street, St Kilda.
We don't bump into
each other in Sydney,
but we do in Melbourne

St Kilda beach, one
of the favourite places
in Melbourne

Overall, Melbourne is cool :-)

"Kavkazskaya Plennitsa in
Melbourne" :-)

B/W passport photos
sure make some ppl

Sonya has become a
vegan for 40 days.
Every chef cursed her
while preparing that
special vegan meal
for her

The Coffee Club
turned out to
be a pretty
nice place

Ny, a teper gulyaem!
Roma & Shurik in
Restraurant Matreshka

Inna & Darina piut
vodochku stakanami :-p

Sofya, Tanusha & Aliska

Roma & Inna,
druzhba i lubov'

Gulyanka v Melbourne v
kompanii Sydneiskih!
Yasha, Shurik, Igor
& Paul having a
drink in Restraurant

Sofya, ? & Lena

Sydneiskie gulyaut!

Tanusha, Lena & ?

Ulya, Sveta, Yasha,
Marinka & Shurik

Feels like we are
partying in Tropicana :-)

More people we meet
during the night

And some more people,
also probably
from Sydney

"Yasha y tebya takaya
popka!" Inna
gotova slomat' Yashy
kak Tim-Tam :-)

Ludi potihonku

The 3-second test.
Where did your
eyes go 1st? :-)

Lena entertains people
in Astoria

Shurik & Marinka

Not sure who got
who drunk, but both
of these people
had a nice but
very different end
to the night

Lubchik & a dude
with a crazy sister :-)

Pogulyali ne ploho,
konechno ne tiho
i ne bez priklucheniy.
Glavnoe chto vse
zakonchilos horosho,
nas dymau, kak
vsegda, zapomnyat :-)

Back at home - spat'
nikto ne hotel

Y yaponki parik.
Zachem - ne znaem,
no reshili pomerit'

Always wanted to
have long hair.
I guess it's a good
thing it never

Tanusha also starred
in a film "The Ring"

The ones that almost
made it

Backyard camping wedding
of Peter & Trilach:

Suits, dresses, case
of beer, vodka, brandy,
trailer park - we are
going to an aussie-cambodian
backyard wedding!

And here we are!
Peter, Sreymoch & the
wedding host

The photographer, the
grooms-man & the

The wedding ceremony

At one point it
got quite emotional.
All the ladies in
the place shed
a tear

We didn't cry, but
we did manage
to entertain ourselves

Shilman's blue-steel look

Some more photos from
the most different
wedding we have
ever been to

Time for dessert

Kookaburra, according
to Shilman, this is
the 5th smartest specie
in the world. Wrong!

Darine ochen ponravilis
Avstraliiskie ptichki

Inna nashla vino i
zhrachku - yra!!

Moved out from the
trailer park to
a backyard of the house,
that feels like a forest

Some of the pets in
the house

The leaping cat!

Quite friendly birds,
but stupid, Shilman,

A gas mask, just
in case

Spokoinoi nochi,

2 bold(ing) men
entertaining 2
russian girls

Some people used the
gas-mask for other

A really cool couple
from Adelaide; Matt, from
back in the days of
ACES & The Rocks
Rangers; Shilman, looking
like a squashed bug
and Darina

Inna passed out early,
so Shurik & Darina
convinced Shilman to
put on her shoe and
mms her the pic.

Inside the tent. Time
to sleep

The morning view
from our tent

"Shhh....there is
a pretty fairy
sleeping in the tent"

Lunch Time!

Some of the people who
made our trip
as interesting as it was

The ones that almost
made it

Us with Bonnie & Clyde

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