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Date: December 29th, 2007

Location: Berry, NSW

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After Birthday,
Before New Years:

After a big night,
the best cure for
a hangover is
water. Jambaroo,
conveniently, was
just around the

The jump!

The higher jump!

...and silence

water slides

Zoishe viplivaet

Inside the new
ride 'Anaconda'

After a day
in a water park,
the boys decided
to show us some
pool-circus tricks

This gym & the whole
house we stayed in belongs
to Paul Graham, a
famous bodybuilder
& a mate of Arnold
- How they 1st met in 1968: -
"The gym owner at Studio City,
outside Hollywood, put us together
because he (Arnold) came from Austria and I
came from Australia, and he thought
we came from the same country,"
Mr Graham said.

Baking lambs


Sport - eto zdorovie! :-)

Sofya & Marc
ne podelili palky

A bug's shell

...use your imagination

Edik always wanted
to be a table-top

Those kavkazis!

Kakie vse na vid
milie i horoshie

If you turn this
picture on its
left side, Katya
will be holding
Marc instead.
Try it! :-)

Ny, nado zhe kakto

No jumping into
the pool!

Edvard ponyal, chto
vilezat' uzhe pozno

Vlad is not a big
fan of water

Pacani zavisaut v

...he comes to you at
night, like a bat
from the sky

Esli Vadimy ne
naliesh - on vseh s'est!

Drowned in the
pool. Now resides
near the speaker

NYE08 preparations begin

С Новым 2008 Годом!:
Max in the kitchen

Girls preparing

There was something
really funny at
the time this
picture was taken.
Some story about
the kings & girls
working, and then
Shurik comes along wearing
a crown.....still don't
get it

Ediki na bbq

More arrivals. Shoron
& Stacie join us
for New Years

Confused lamb

The king & his

Za stolikom, Romochka
is waiting for the main

A vot i nasha veselaya
kompashka. These are
some of the dress-up
attendees. Theme for
the night: "V gostyah
y skazki", or "Visiting
the fairytale"

And then the devil
himself arrives

Ded Moroz nashego

Snegurochka, y vas
pomoimy chto-to

Nash Ded Moroz i

Kot Matroskin


Krasnaya Shapochka

Pipi Dliniy Chulok
& Doktor Aibolit



(was meant to be Ela's costume)



Twitty Bird, Cruella
De Vil, Pepi, Езмеральда
и принцесса Жасмин

Cruella De Vil
& Karlson

Nata meets the devil

Nino i Romochka

Zoya, Marc & Ortal

Maurice, Ortal
& Ela

Matroskin zavisaet!

Twitty & Maugli


The nose was a
little too long.
Kept poking people
in the face

Karlson na krishe
poznakomilsya s

Etot doktor vseh

Bila rusalka, a teper
dazhe v vody
zalezt' boitsa.

Принцесса Жасмин
замотала Буратино
в платье

Shampanskoe na noviy
god eto delo takoe!

Roma still hasn't taken
the glove off after
his last proctology

Katerina & Marcus

Moryak poimal

Shoron & Ortal

Shmicky & Vadim

Cute :-p

Lamb, human, lamb

Karlson 20 let spustya. :-)
In another 20
years this should
be interesting

Ortal, Shmick & Zoya

oi kakie mi gibkie!

Vlad & Nata

Presents from secret

Noone knew who
bought the presents
and for whom
(well, mainly)

More presents...

Snegurochka azh pokrasnela
ot smeha. Romochka
got a sandwich
as one of his
presents. The other
one was a dildo :-)

Santa po ocheredi
razdaet vsem

More presents!!!

...and they just keep
on coming!

The last of them.
Everyone is happy :-)

Nata stepped on
Santa's balls

Borash's cousin arrives!

This is how the
people in this house
welcome their
guests. They throw
them on the floor
and pose for photos with
feet placed on them

This is an interesting
photo. There is definitely
something fishy going
on with the boys
on the right side

Vadimy podarili
PS3. Ot radosti on
zahaval 5L morozhenogo
i obnimalsya s korobkoi
pol vechera

Sexy time!

Edik's tit fell
down his dress

Na Niny ktoto nakakal

It's that time of
the night - 00:00!!

S Novim 2008 Godom!
Shmick vse ne mozhet otkrit
butilku shampanskogo

Vadim dazhe tak
tantsevat' ymeet!

Katya & Shurik
tantsuut stilno!

A vot i vse ostalnie

A Monya v eto
vremya vse esho
staraetsya vzletet'
(it could be his propellor, just a tiny
bit small) :-)

Devchenki prosto ne
mogyt sebya derzhat'
v rukah vozle
takogo macho kak
Dr. Roma


Shurik got the
birdy costume

A bird on its mission

Too bad the bird
had strict instructions
to avoid the pool area

Kings of nothing

Doctor vipil, a
emy pit' nel'zya,
on stanovitsa zlim!

Buratino tozhe vipil,
i oni vmeste poshli
mochit' naduvnih bab
v basseine...
kto palkoi, a kto

Buratino otrezvel i
ushel, Doctor Aibolit
reshil nirnut' v

Chto on teper s nei
delat' bydet -
eto tolko on znaet.

Ortal & Zoya
ate the whole
bottle of that cream


Devyshka po imeni
Shurik & Stacie

All week we knew
there was someone
missing at the house.
Finally, someone noticed
a poster on the wall.

No more swimmers!
Everyone jumped in
the pool dressed
as they were

Loshadiniy boi!

Vse smelie v bassein!

Sharon, Edvard
& Shurik

Monya wants to
attack Maurice from

Maurice fought back

Victorious, he sings
a song

Punk s Kavkaza

Shots at the pool

More water fights
and some viewers

Get ready for
the ultimate
rope pull / tug of war!

A great way to
start a new year! :-)

Mol' Vas'ka!
The smartest moth
we've ever seen

The ones that almost
made it™

After NYE,
last days:

Needed some time
to relax and come
to terms that
another year has
passed. So, as you do -
you go see the blow-hole

Edik & Lena near
the blow-hole

The blow-hole. They
should find more
of these!

A week in a house
away from the society,
we didn't realise
that the hot water
can actually run
Mainly this is due to the 30min
showers girls like to take, but let's not
get too personal here.
You boil the water,
you put it in a
tub & you wash your
hair, just like in
the good old days,
back in USSR :-)

Maurice likes craft

It's not small, thats
for sure

Lighting up the little

Monya baluetsya

Y Moni zapor :-)

Romochka poprasil
chto-to sladenkoe.
Emy poddali 3 linii

Lucky he didn't snort
them too :-)

They had 1 bin for us
for a week. The
lady came on the
last day asking, if
we also recycled
all the paper &
bottles separately.
Lucky she came in from
the back :-)

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