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Date: December 29th, 2007

Location: Berry, NSW

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Official faces of
the night:

X-lusive photographer
for e-shurik.com #1

Yasha - X-lusive photographer
for e-shurik.com #2.
(You can find many
other photos taken
by randon guests all
over facebook and other
unauthorised websites)

Official security &
crowd controller #1: Shmick

Nino, the real
ball-breaker of the

Qualified First-Aid

The 2 people
mainly responsible for
bad behavior & excessive
alcohol consumption

Today we are 53.
Shurik is 28 &
Vadim is 25.
This is where
you enter

Every party needs
a bit of preparation.
Installing the speakers
on the roof

Good signage is
always important

DJ Box! This is where
all the music is
played, requested &
covered in glad-wrap

Pool toys

Devchenki uzhe
delaut zakazi
na muziky

Just a few final

and let the party

Birthday boy #1.
(Zhenya viebivaetsya)

Birthday boy #2:
(Zhenya doviebivalsya)

Sharing is caring.
(the nude dude was
there just for decoration)

Early arrivals:
Leo, Angelka, Lenya
Marik & Zaslavsky

Come early & get
the best spot.
Andrei & Ira camping

Fellow campers:
Samantha, Roksana,
Elona & Alex

Picnic gypsies:
Elena, Shilman,
Victoria & Emma

Na besedke pod
Zhenya, Edik, Lena,
Roma & Vadim

Fun in the pool

Monya found a
partner in

Zhenya poprigal,
poplaval i zabil
chto v basseine ne

Malchiki na kurorte

Andrei provodit
vremya s dvumya

Gypsies in the water

Kto kupaetsya a
kto zagaraet

Victoria & Elena
think they are
Japanese tourists

The unofficial lifesaver

Na Monu napali i
emy eto nravitsa

Ortal & Shmick

The cameraman,
security guard &
birthday boy

Fima has arrived.
Looking unhappily
at the illegally
parked vehicles

The carpark is
getting kinda

Shilman is setting
up his place
of living

Da, on horoshiy

Monya is giving
an interview
about the current

Vlad, Lena, Edik
& Edvard

Zoya & Nino priseli
na pol

Nino & Sveta.
Bad cop, good cop

Angelka & Ira

Shilman, Zaslavsky
& Fima

Alehandro, Nino,
Cowboy v ochkah
& Sister in law

A mi za stolikom...
da na luzhauchke...

Zhenya, Edik, Monya
Shmick & Roma

Ogurtsi deficit,
a lubov' esho dorozhe

Nashi devchenki
reshili naryaditsa :-)


The bitch's parking
only. Behind this door
is a room where
only certain girls
are allowed to
be & very few men,
by invitation only

Otkrivaem dverku
i nahodim tipa
takuu kartiny

x-Golger sisters

Alla, Rob & Nastya
have arrived

Drinking with the
gypsies. Very
friendly individuals,
freshly imported from
Western Australia

Monya, Vlad & Marc
podali golos

A very rare occasion:
Nino is drinking

A vot eto Nino
after a few shots
of brandy. Rock'n'Roll!

Kate & Marc

Thanks guys. Really,
a dick-hat is
a great present!

i stanem mi tak,
i povernemsya
mi vot tak...

Marc, Katya & Andrei


Roma & Ira

Enjoy the sun
while it's still

As the sun sets -
the real party begins

Yasha, Maurice &

Maurice, Ella &

Elena & Elona,
swapped their
picnic rug for
some beer

Ortal & Lena

Yasha nashel zhertvy

S Innoi Yasha
sebya vedet horosho

Ella & Nata

Ira & Andrei.
(Was it cold? From
memory it was
pretty pretty warm)

Maurice & Ella

Lena & Sofa,
zanimautsa hren
znaet chem

Our mother always
said you should
marry Monya! Monya

Little these 4 posers
know, there is Borash
(Borat's long lost
brother) behind them.

Borash leaps
straight into
the gypsy part
of town

Nastya gets an
introduction to
his khram

Strippy Strippy Bang

A little surprise
show for the
birthday boys

High five!

Shilman has taken
over the party

The Borash adventures
will be made into

This young drunk
camerawoman has
done a horrible
job in filming
Borash's 1st appearance

Emma takes one look
down his party-panties
& cannot any longer

Sexy time explosion

Now for a bit
of dancing

Marc & the girls

The girls attack
each man separately

Rob is not impressed
with all these hats
with russian writing

Who let this intoxicated
cowboy near the

Sam & Elena

If lamingtons could

Lenya & Monya

Katerina & Vadim

Tonee, Shurik & Inna

Vadim, Shmick,
Edvard, Maurice
& Monya

Derzhite Natashy,
ona kusaetsa :-)

Elona has lost
something under her
skirt & is trying to
find it with a flashlight

This is Monya, &
that is Maurice.
Don't mix us up!

Late arrival
Azamat failed in
his performance

Late arrival #2

Sam, Shurik, Elena
& Elona

Nastya, Shilman,
Rob & Alla

Shaving an arrow
pointing down
to the crack.
Wonder if they
remember it the
next day

Dikie devchenki
poimali Shurika

Some more dancing

Photos stolen from

First-Aid at its best!

Vodka & bandage
- done!

Vodka must of
travelled up the
bloodstream & Emma
passed out

A vot vam i vash
Horoshiy Evreiskiy
Malchik :-)

The ones that almost
made it

A complete video of the day, night &
the next day is available.
The uncut version of the Borash lap-dance,
private afterparty with 3 girls
& the interview with
Azamat also included

The party invite
that was printed.
Maybe open the
original size if
you want to be
able to read
it. :-)

A short tour of
the house & meet
some of the early

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