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Wedding Date: 07/07/07

Location: Russian Community Center, Brisbane

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Priklucheniya v
Surfers Paradise:

Priehali - kareta

Zapustili dikarei
v limousine

Zoya & Vadim
gettin comfortable

Zoya & Vadim
gettin very

Monya otdihaet

Zoya. Sidit/Lezhit

No fines for
putting your feet
on the seats

Kazhdiy otdihaet po

Gold Coast airport
to Holiday Inn,
Surfers Paradise

Taking over the

Holiday Inn suite,
Level 22, view
isn't bad at all

Shahter i minnetchik.
The hotel had a
bathroom with a
window into the
actual bathroom,
that can only be
closed from outside.
Take a shower &
watch your back.

Balcony neighbours

How to dance on
the bed. Brought
to you by Zoya

How to take pictures
with crazy people

This photo kinda
summarises most
of our trip

Chasing aliens

Monya saw one
getting away

Vadim, ne upusti!!

Vot on, alien :-)

Ne siditsa

Would of made a
good halloween

Zoya feels safe
with a man like

18 holes of family

Zoya can't play

Shurik makes
friends with the
rocks when he plays

Vadim is good at
spinning the golf
stick. No, actually
he is not.

This guy just likes
to take photos next
to Holiday Inn.
(he works for Intercontinental
Hotels Group. Probably why)

Who is the future
Tiger Woods?

Ok, Monya won...
but that's prob coz
he was wearing a
lucky hat :-)

Vlad has arrived.
Opyat limousine,
destination - Brisbane,
the day we all have
been waiting for:
The Wedding of
Shoorick & Anya

Zoya vipila glotok
i podobrela

The ones that almost
made it

The Wedding of
Shoorick & Anya:

Newlyweds can be
found on pages
26-27. More photos
are on volobuev.com

Pages 26-27

A vot i nashi


Some of the
guests from Sydney

Some more Sydney
& NZ guests

Vot tak vse
i nachinaetsa :-)


You exchange vowels...

Put on the rings...

Sign some papers...

And whala - you
are married :-)

Some of the guests
at the ceremony

In case you haven't
yet figured out
who are the important
people here - look

Somewhere between
the ceremony
& the reception

Prodolzhenie sleduet
von tama...

Poka mi derzhim
tsvetochki, zahodyat
rodnie i blizkie

"Zaviduete? A eto
moi, moi tsvetok!"

A&A walking in

Making their way
through the crowd...

...for their first

Russian traditions:
There are quite
a few of them

The bread & salt,
offered to the newlyweds
by both parents as a
symbol of health,
prosperity and long life

Both must take a
bite of the bread and
the one that takes the
largest bite will be the
head of the family!

Drink the champagne...

And throw the glass
over your shoulder

Drinking vodka out
of the bride's shoe

Using one hand each,
you have to dress
up the doll

And now that some
of the traditions and
games are over -
the 2 of them can
finally relax. !

And the guests start
drinking vodka. Let the
party begin! :-)

Perezvolnovaniy Shoorick
piet srazu s dvyh

Our hosts for the

A&A with the
Sydney crue

Nastya & Lena

"Mozhet ya vsetaki
snachalo proglachu?"

Mixing up with the

Misha s pushkoi, Vlad
s vilkami


Kirill, Monya, Roma,
Nastya i M?

Somewhere half way
through the night.
Svadba v samom

volobuev.com &

Maria & Alya


Max ne vovremya
slomal nogy i
Masha pokazivaet
vsem ih malenkoe

Auctioning off a
bottle of champagne.
The Sydney crue
took the hit.

The bottle, now
in Sydney

It resides with Apollo
for protection and
shall only be opened
on the Silver Wedding
Ny, mozhet i poranshe esli
A&A prikazhut :-)

Pesnya druzei

Speeches for and of
the bride & groom

Shurik & Zoya dolgo
pisali speech. At
the state of mind it
is probably a good thing that
the speech was never said.
Written on a table cloth,
the handwriting would
of been only the
first problem :-)

Intelegentnie ludi
kushaut tortik.
i tak milo zevaut

Costa, Shurik & Monya

Opa! Nachalis' tantsi!

i vpered pod muziky!

Vadim vipolnyaet

Also known as the money
dance, some people,
ie. Shurik, should
take some dancing

Monya, Yana & Shoorick
dishut svezhim vozduhom

Borya & Misha

Boys from New Zealand

Monya silno zadumalsya
pered podpiskoi
"Knigi pozhelaniy"

Wedding cake &
some other pretty
wedding things

Time to cut the cake

The traditions

Lucky next!

Y Vlada paltsi vse
esho vilkoi. Na
kogo shlo napadenie
tak i ne znaem

Party is not over
till Vlad stops

...or Monya says so!

"Niche esli ya ee

After-Party at some
random nightclub

Those drunk conversations
we often don't remember :-)

The ones that almost
made it

The ones that almost
made it
Part 2

More adventures
in Brisbane:

The morning after

Vlad went home, the
original 4 are left

For a while we tried
to replace Vlad, but
no1 would fit the

Then Monya decided
to pull this dude's
hand off

Big heavy ball, random
entertaining weirdos
on the street, we
had a good time in

Somewhere not too
far from our hotel

WWMS pose

An advertisement for travel
insurance in the Brisbane
Airport. We almost
found him :-)

The ones that almost
made it

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