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Dates: December 23 - 29, 2006

Destination: Sydney Murray River Lake Mungo Broken Hill - Sydney

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Destination: Sydney to
anywhere on the
Murray River, drive
to Mungo National Park,
find the desert & the
dried up Lake Mungo,
then see what this
Broken Hill is all about,
& finally return home.

First hour on the road
Seny gets a speeding
fine from a fat police
officer. 5 min later,
Seny gets pulled over
again, this time randomly.
Christmas - bad time to drive

This is what people used
to drive through the
forest & get rid
of the trees for buildings
& roads

Not the best photo
- but this is us,
probably few days into
the trip

Fresh cherries sold
on the side of the road

Past this point - it is
illegal to bring any fruit
or vegetables in your
car. Shilman threw a mango
at Shurik

Watch your head Shilman!
It's coming back at you!

Stealing other people's
fruit. Don't ask why.

This is probably a better
picture of the 4 Amigos. :-)

Where the fuck to now?
(Moscow - only 16,361 km)

Cows just walk all
over the road, ignoring
110km/h signs. To our
surprise, well, mainly mine
- none were found dead

But kangaroos, again,
to my surprise - move
from the cars slower then
cows. Or maybe people
just feel sorry for cows.
Or maybe, cows sleep at
night, & kangaroos hop
around & get hit :-)

Our tents, or you can also
call it - our Kingdom.
See photo for
more detail

Our 1st stop, in
the middle of some
dried up forest - but
next to a river.

Seny being the chef
with his very healthy
vegeterian dish...

...which looked something
like this, & tasted, yes,
very nice!

It was always fun
to watch Shilman set
up his tent...

...pump (or blow) up his

...wash the spilt honey
off his books...

...and fuck knows what else :-)

Marshmallows on fire,
love 'em!

Some kid stole
Santa's car

This is at 3am, middle
of the forest. Shurik is
woken up by noises that
sound a lot like a bushpig
breathing, right near his tent.
After almost shitting his
pants, looking through a
tiny hole in the tent he
notices Shilman, who's mattress
has lost some air over the
last few hours - blowing it up
again. Deep breath...back
to sleep.

Falling into fire?
Attack by a bear?
Fuck knows, but no
photoshop here :-)

Murray river - fishing

Shilman concentrating

This guy is always smiling

Vlad is playing with
some worms

After catching as many
as 0 fish from the shore,
we thought to try our luck
& hired a boat. Yes,
we are wearing
matching fisherman's hats

Vlad in control of the boat

Seny in control of
the smokes

Shilman in control of
killing whatever fish
are left in this river
by pissing in it.

Piss or not - 1st fish
caught! :-))

And now the second!
We are on a roll!!
Well not really,
this is about all we got

Seny broke Shilman's rod.
Shilman is obviously not

Whats left to do
for the sailor?!! he he he

Dinner time! Shurik makes
uha, while Seny makes
something vegeterian
(notice, this camp-site even
has a stove!) :-)

No, this isn't meant
to be sexual. This is
Seny trying a fish-eye.

A bit of fun before
we move on. This
jumping pillow is for kids
only, but look at us, do
we look old? :-)

Decisions, decisions...

This is nice - a road
with no speed limit.
Good if you have a 4WD,
but Seny still managed
to hit 160km/h in this
not-so-new Toyota Camry

You can almost smell
the Outback here!
(video also available - see below)

Approaching the desert:
they call this The
Great Wall of China.
(it's true!)

A bit of dried land
mixed with sand

Reached one of the peaks

Going further - its
sand country now!

Us - and noone else
for hours away.

Meditation? Don't even know...

Approaching the camping
site. No fires. 40degree
heat. Fine, we wont
burn wood (we
got coal) :-)!

Went for a little
bushwalk, found nothing
so took a photo of
myself. :-)

I love ants!

BBQ Coal! See, we follow
the rules!

Inside a tent. This is
after getting extremely
stoned, Shilman was given
some chocolate, after which,
by his own choice
he smudged it all over
his head. Five minutes
later he angrily asked:
Why the fuck is there chocolate
all over my face?
He really did not remember
what he did :-)
(video also available - see below)


Some more of the desert

Kings of the hill!

Pushing Shilman
down the sand

Shurik & Seny taking
a dive!

This guy is ready
for Iraq

Crawling back up

Didn't see too many
animals, but quite a few
kangaroos, emus & lizards

Found another hill,
fun in the sand! :-)

Welcome to Broken Hill,
a town where you will
experience the real
Australian Outback. This is a
restraurant, probably
expensive. Used to be a mine.

Want to invest?! Highly

Shilman thought we
were in Brokeback
Mountain, not Broken Hill.

I think the sign
says it all

Introduce yourselves to
some of the locals from
the random pub that
we stayed in.

Karaoke - country style.
These guys are
actually really good!

Shilman chatting up
some of the local birds

A game of pool

Meet Mel. Her tongue
is double the size
of yours

This is just one of
many tricks she can
do with it

Meet Mel's cousin, or
sister, or maybe this
is the 1st night they

This is what happens
when you leave
your camera unattended
for 5 minutes in a Broken
Hill pub. These were
discovered only hours later.

Fatz & Shilman

Vlad was having fun

Isn't she cute?! ;-)
The locals think so

Seny proved to be
very popular

The pub closed hours
ago - but for us, no
problem :-)

Some things just
shouldn't be mentioned
on a public website...

Drinking with the local

Vlad can't get away

Ok, show off the tats
of death & ur x-husband's

Shilman doesn't muck

So, 3 hours sleep
& we are driving home

1,300km, mostly looking
like this - it's a
long way home :-)

Here are 2 videos from
the trip, one of
Shilman singing/talking
to Queen's Bohemian rhapsody.
Pretty funny, especially
if you know him &
understand russian.
Second one is very short
of just a bit of the road.

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