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Date: August 20 - 18, 2005

Destination: New Zealand – South Island

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At the airport! Excited!
First time in 2
years we all going
travelling again!

First destination -
Christchurch, New Zealand!

The Nice Shilman that
wants to marry a nice
jewish girl || The Evil
Shilman that makes
little girls cry

Arrived in Christchurch.....
after an hour of
looking for a car
to hire, this van is
meant to take us to it

Our 1st car for hire
- Ford Falcon 2005

Our 1st beer in New Zealand!
(that surprisingly Seny
bought for us)

Senya v tymane

The one lane bridge.....
(Shilman drove only once,
that was until he got
to one of those bridges and
almost swerved off it when he
saw an incoming car

Yeah......we love each
other (for the first day or 2)

Shilman & Bluzer were
meant to sleep together
.....but then Shilman
went wild!

"I shall crown you,
my little peasant!"

...and then the
fucker pissed on me

A goat!!

$hurik & Vlad found
a cool chair

$hurik's breakfast, Shilman's

...this is the only
thing that Seny needs
to eat to stay alive

While driving, we
noticed a glacier somewhere
in the distance.

Slowly making our way
towards it

Little dude posing

Cool looking rocks

There it is! Not so far now...

Little dude entertaining us

Shilman & $hurik

Found a waterfall!!

And now for our
famous stand...

OK, these signs dont
looks too inviting

So close now...

And here it is!

Looks like an extra
large frozen ......

Relaxing after a long

And now time to
go back

Wonder why the "star
of david" is there...

Driving on a highway
through a forest

Cool looking cows

Bras in the middle
of a highway

And now we
turn to Queenstown!

Shilman brushing his
bolding head before
we go out

Ok, Shilman was just
trying to show us his
scar.......when something
else poped out! :-)

What can we be
concentrating so much on...

...yes, its 2 people making out lol

Ski-hire place! We all

Placing them on
our car

It's a long drive up
the mountain to the
skiing resort...

...and the higher you
go - the more beautiful
it gets!

Above the clouds!

This photo is not
taken from a plane
- its taken from our
car window!

One of the snowy mountains
.....unfortunately the
snow wasnt that
great! :-(

And we are ready!!!

On a ski-lift!

Cold? Who said its cold!?

aaa fuck it, I never
shower anyways,
might as well take
one now :-)

Two hours, about
10 falls later,
after almost braking
every bone in his
body, $hurik lands
on his face and

This fucker laughed at
me, but just look at
him!!! Who is laughing
now hey?!! lool

Three hours later
these two were
at the kiddie hill
too scared to go
back up the mountain.

And this little
dude just kept on

And so did he!
For the next 2 days!

Clearing the snow

Shilman in his "filming pose"

For the next 2 days,
while the other two
were skiing, the 2 invalids had
their own adventures,
in a brand new
Mazda 6 :-)

oohh yeah.....and
they didnt have
a map, so it was a
random pick of a
off-road track

Love the nature!!
The only thing I
dislike about nature
in NZ is that they
hardly have any
insects or animals!

This guy should be
arrested with or
without this notice!

Road-kill, that
was getting eaten
by an eagle


The only bug I found!

Some old-looking train
we found in a
random village visited

We found an old
Maori village & this
is where they lived......
the only thing is that
even I can't fit into
one of these huts,
then how did these
oversized islanders did?!

Waterfall at the Maori Village

yep...we advertise!

The rivers runs from the
mountains, thus, in
theory, the water
should be clean.
Shilman took advantage
of this at every stop
we made.

Getting late.....time
to drive back
and pickup the skiiers
from their slopes :-)

Yes...we found a
"Lord of the Rings"

Damn shoe fell apart

Drinking before another
big night

Only the best! :-)

You see, this guy
doesn't usually drink,
and when he does,
he either dances around
in tights like a fairy
...or "accidently" pisses
on ppl who sleep
next to him!

Yes, this is our
"chick magnet" :-)

Once again, Shilman
doesn't usually drink

iPod with a pretty
cool setup. Kept us

This is just 5 min
walk from our hotel

Seny pointing to the sky

He drove all over
Queenstown for a few
hours not knowing there
was an arrow pointing
to the driver with a
message under it
written on his
car :-)

The best burgers
we've ever tried!!!

If you don't know
this guy, you would
think he is a homeless
man, who just scored
himself a free ice-cream
and is now telling ppl
how he used to me a
millionaire before his
wife left him

This is Queenstown!

This is what happens
when Shilman gets
lost! He knew where
the car was, but
we had to leave after
waiting for the
fuker for over an
hour. Somehow he
followed the map
and we actually
met up.

Car surfing :-)

A muffin......that
someone has sat on

OK, this is the drug
situation in NZ.
You can buy any
pill of any sort,
any powder or
anything at all from
these "legal" drug
stores, and the pills
are legal only
because they are
made of different
ingredients, but really,
they do more damage
to you then ppl think.

Now here is the
store......the salesmen
are more then
happy to tell you
exactly what each
pill does to you,
and yes, you guessed it,
it is sold to anyone,
even kids! In another
words, its a stepping
stone to harder drugs.

Here are some pretty
little pamphlets that
describe what each
pill will do to you.
Party on!! NZ
laws are fucked!

Bought one of the
medium range pills.
Price - $50 for 5 pills

Vlad's pupils an
hour after taking it

The city of Dunedin

Back to the drug situation
in NZ. Pills are everywhere,
but weed - thats a
fukin problem. In
7 days not 1 person,
local or tourist
could get any, but,
it is pictured everywhere.
Even the Greens Party
are promoting it, as
we found when entered
their office, they are
actually fighting to
legalise it and have
many magazines and
articles about how
to grow it and where
to get it. The funny
thing is, the addresses
given as to where
you can buy it - are of
those drug shops, that
only sell you their
version of marijuana,
which is grass with
chemicals that supposedly
give you the same
high (but is legal
to sell, makes them
more money and does
more damage to ppl’s
health). Once again, the
laws here are fucked.

Some large fruit in
some little town we

Vlad. He loves his
timber, his beef
and his lamb. But
what he really loves
in nature are concrete
foundations such as this.

Maybe these pills
do a lot more
then get you high...

Some poor dude
who fell asleep on
the floor under Shilman
at a backpackers we
spend our last
night at.

It's a long way
home.....but it's
time to go.

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