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Dates: June 29th - July 20th 2004

Destination: Thailand

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Saying goodbye to
$hurik & Vadim in the
airport. Note that Vadim
is going to Israel & America
after Thailand, where
as $hurik is coming back.

One of the first glances of
Bangkok. The traffic here
looks surprisingly normal,
but in reality, no1
follows lanes or cares
about one another on
the road.

Tuk-tuk, a little motorbike-like
car that takes u anywhere
u DONT wana go (eg.
brothels & jewellery stores)

Wat Pho - Bangkok's
oldest temple

Still at the temple......fuck
it was beautiful, if
only it looked this good
on the photos

At one of the entrances

Vadim at the back of a
ute-type taxi. Those things
take you everywhere
around the tourist
destinations. (The reason for
his face is because he
was in the middle of
a cough)

This is a public toilet
in a place called Surat
Thani, somewhere between
Bangkok & Koh Samui. This
is a place any traveller
wants to avoid, unless
u like being pulled off
a bus in the middle of
nowhere by a bunch of
screaming Thai men
and asked for money
if u want to get anywhere.

This happens once every
month on a full-moon
on an island called
Koh Pangan. The whole
beach turns into a party
with different music in
different places of the
beach, everyone from all
over the world is drunk
on buckets of alco
(which u buy there) and
its just a party that u
cannot miss if you are
in Thailand.

Just a photo with a bunch
of people that we found at
the party. The guy with
a fucked-up face is
nothing out of the ordinary.
He is just another one
of the hundreds of
victims who fell of
a scouter that can be
hired for very little

Full moon

This is just some guy that
we found while walking
home in the middle of the
night. You probably cant
see very well, but he is
actually sitting there and
spewing on his knees.
His mate has
already spewed and
passed out. Cute
isnt it?!! lol (ps. these
photos are crap quality
since a single-use kodak
camera was used)

Our first night together!
Paying only $4 a night, we
found this shack, made out of
wooden twigs (literally).
This pink material over
our heads was there
so that lizards don't shit
on us from the roof.
Finding this place &
getting to it at 3am while
drunk is another
amazing story.

Finally we decided to go
to Koh Samui, an exotic
paradise island. This is
us getting a traditional thai
massage, where the old
lady that is massaging
Vadim got scared after
she heard him
snore (he fell asleep
during it....& he looks
like he is still not
all there)

Getting fake tats. They
were cheap, so we couldn't
help it. After Vadim got
his done, every Israeli
spoke hebrew to him.

Having breakfast by the
pool at our hotel.

In the evening we
went to watch some Mui
Thai Boxing

Some of these fights
were fake, but they did look
pretty good!

Ordering dinner outside
our hotel. Most of the
restaurants were along
the beach.


This is us most of the
nights. We would buy a
bottle of cheap Thai
Whisky (around $5), some
coke and some red-bull.
Mix all that shit up, drink
and it hit the streets!

Just a few random
whores on the streets.
Don't even remember
what island this is, but
most of them have
a similar night life.

Here are some photos
of the bars. The bars
work differently in Thailand.
Every bar has at least
10 girls working there
who literally do not
let u pass. They do
anything (physical or
verbal) to make u stay
and buy a drink.

These are some of the
Go-Go bars (pussy bars),
strip clubs, clubs and
whore houses in general.
If you wanna get laid
- u don't even have to try.
It comes to you, the
only chance you have
- is run away from it (which
is what we did.......because
we are loyal to our
women!!!) :-)

An experience we won't
forget. We took a Safari

Riding through the jungle.
Vadim kept complaining
about being uncomfortable.
How comfortable r u
meant to feel on a
fukin elephant?!!

Us on it again.....the
guy who took this
pic wanted to play
a joke on us and
very slowly get away
from us on his elephant
......with $hurik's camera

That's our chaffier! He
managed to pick up some
Japanese girls that were
riding on another elephant,
all while sitting on this
elephant's head with
no support.

Some pommie chicks
on another elephant. Check
out the actual tropics!

This is how they
piss - its like a fukin
fire hose!!! They call
it "Singha beer" - equivalent
to aussie "VB"

We held a monkey's

Yes we did! (Apparantly
you can't make eye contact
with it, coz there is a chance
it might attack. Cute!

An elephant massaging
some girl

This was meant to be
me, but Vadim got
to be kissed by the
big boy

And then........it was
massage of the
penis! hehe

This little cunt actually
scored a goal against
$hurik (being a bad goalie
was never a secret!)

They really suck your

Elephants are multi-skilled.
This one actually played
a harmonica...

...moved some trees around...

...stood on his feet, his
head, and even played

There are Russians

Even in suit shops

In Thailand, you can
buy anything........and I
mean, anything!!!

And if you can't find
what you want, they
will make it for you
- an exact copy!!

Vadim was very popular
with the gay community
of Thailand.

This is just a pig
that we saw on
the street.

A peasant woman carrying
some weird-looking food
that she wants to sell.

People sell things basically
anywhere they find an
empty spot

Another night out - we
found a foam party!!!

Can anyone see Vadim!?!

On the way home we
are always hungry, and
these pancakes for
less then $1 each are
the best!!! They are
made right in front of you
with any fresh fruit of your
choice in it.

And like always, we
had to run from the trannies......
and there are many of
them! Vadim reallllly ran
from this one, it happened
so quick that even the
photo came out blurry.
In Thailand, trannies
are called "lady-boys"

On the way to Ko
Phi Phi (P P island)

Large golden fish in the
middle of the tiny island

Moscow is kinda far
isn't it?!!

These, and many more
are the movies that u
can watch for free in
most restaurants. In
this case a movie called
"The beach" is shown
every day. Why? Well
that's because it
was made here,
on Phi Phi island, and
it is definitely the most
beautiful place in Thailand.

Still on Phi Phi, we took
a boat to this Monkey

We were told that if
you get out of the
water - the monkeys
can attack you

Hungry little fuckers
aren't they?? An old
looking monkey waiting
for more food

There is fish everywhere!

This is us taking another
tour guided by this
Thai dude, in Phuket.
The dude has told us a
lot about Thailand, the
people, culture and the
hard facts of life

In a Long Tail Boat.
These boats took you
around everywhere
(short-distance), and the
big boats took you
from island to island.

Snorkelling. We did it
almost everywhere.

The water, as you can see,
is crystal clear. When
we dived, $hurik tried
to rip off a coral to
bring back for Anya, and
while doing so, woke
up a bunch of crazy
little fish that lived in
them and they all started
biting Vadim. hehe

The highest point
on the island.

Swimming with 2 German
sisters and some
other thing

Under a waterfall

We are loving it!!

This is the car that
took us off-road of
Thailand tropics

Buddha Garden

This whole garden was
build by one man

He is buried somewhere
here. In the last years
of his life he got a
little help from
his sons.

Dinner on the beach

Pataya beach. At night
when you walk down
this beach, and this
is probably 3 times the
length of Bondi Beach,
everywhere you look
- there is a girl selling
herself. We even found
2 sisters who were
willing to do almost
anything for about

A beautiful sunset

Vadim had to look
pretty. It is as if not
enough hookers already
grabbed his crotch!

This is just a combination
of photos that are put
together in PhotoShop.
In the middle is a
whore, probably a transsexual.
This is an introduction
of what you are
about to see:

The police patrol the
streets. We never saw
any trouble anywhere.
Only once a fat
Israeli guy decided to
walk away without
paying for a jet-ski.......
only finding himself punched
in a head by a little thai
guy and another 10-15
runnin towards him with
knifes and sticks.

Girls calling you into
a bar. To keep you in
the bar, they often play
games or give u a massage,
all while u drink beer,
and if they are convincing
enough, they make
u buy them a beer
too. (usually $3 each,
sometimes less)

No1 really knows if
these girls are actually
new, but the fact that
there are many - that's
definitely true.

Ok, this is probably one
of the most dangerous
streets of Pataya.
And it is not because
you can get killed or
robbed, its simply because....
its a men-only part
of the sex industry!

This trannie's tit fell out,
so now he/she is trying
to put it back in. Most
have surgery done.....
as you'll see on the
next photo, but some
still saving up money
for it.

Just so you know,
before any of you
get excited - these are
all MEN!!!

A typical scenery -
an old Caucasian man
with a young thai boy

This is a pic that we
took outside a cabaret club.
These are all men......or at
least they used to
be men.

One of the many things
about Thailand - people
know how to party....and
how to build some
amazing clubs!!!
This is one of many
huge multilevel clubs
that you would
probably only see
in a movie.

Night trades. Shops
like these are open
late into the night,
mostly financed by
drunk tourists on their
way home.

Just a picture of one
of the bars. There
are about 20-30
bars in one little
place like this.

Btw, we wanted to take some
photos of pussy tricks, eg. dart
throwing and cigarette smoking,
but we were not allowed to.
Sorry, go and see for yourself! :-)

A day apart. Vadim
decided to get massages
for 3 hours in a row,
while $hurik went his
own way......to the zoo!!

A lizard.

About to take off...

Not all animals are happy

Gold Fish

Water and Earth


Crocodile lake (This would
be a good idea for
a dare) :-)

The tricks these guys
do are amazing. The
speed with which a
crocodile closes its
jaw will crush a
man's body in a
split second

Kopilka. The safest
place to keep your

Monkeys are trained
to do the weirdest

Spinning a coconut doesn't
seem like anything big,
but they actually send
these monkeys high
on palm trees to get
coconuts for people.

This monkey could
add & subtract, dive
and swim, + untie this
girl's hands

Dali.....$hurik couldn't
help it and purchased
one for himself

This is us gettin stuck
in the middle of nowhere
(thanx to Vadim!) and
asking these 2 local
girls for a lift to Krabi.
(payed of cause) After the
car stopped in the middle
of the road, they kept
telling us they needed oil
....then it was water, and
when we offered some
of ours, they pointed
their fingers to the
petrol tank. Luckily a
passer by helped
us out.

After booking a cheap
room in a hotel, we
realised it was owned
by the local biker
gang. At night they
would all come
together and do
their business. We
did our best to stay
out of their way.

Another gigantic

One of the hotel's we
stayed in.

Vadim decided to be
adventurous for a day,
so we hired a canoe.
The fucker sat in the
back, while $hurik did
most of the work not
realising Vadim was just
lying back and relaxing.

The views were amazing,
so was the water.
Too bad we couldn't
take the digital camera
with us.

After a while the
water began to get
wavy, and we struggled
to get back to

On the beach......

While we took a
private boat for a

It is actually 1-2m deep.
This is how clean
the water is.

Sea-food. Something we
had enough of. The
choices here are
unbelievable, all you
gotta do is point the
finger, and its cooked!

Some things you
can purchase

Art. You can get a
copy of any painting,
they paint it for you
in a few days and
it looks almost exactly
like the original.

Elephants ain't stupid
either. After doing
a bunch of circus tricks,
this one drew a picture.
Thailand has the best
trained elephants in
the world!

These toys just cruise
around the streets,
so you can buy
it anytime anywhere.

We never actually seen
this thing on the road

Felt like we were back
in USSR.....you gotta pay
to use a toilet!

This is inside our hotel-room
........lets not get into
details as to how this
has happened, but
keep one thing in mind
- in Thailand, you cannot
flush the toilet paper,
it blocks the system!

You might think its
not real - but it is. Cockroaches,
grasshoppers and other
insects are cooked on
the street and sold.
Some Thai people sit
and eat them like we
do with semechki :-)

Best and cheapest
food. Pad-Thai cooked
in front of you on the
street. Costs about
$1 to $1.50, tastes
amazing, and its the
best meal you can
have after drinking
half the night

This is a really cool cop
that we found while
being extremely intoxicated
in Pataya (The sex capital of
Thailand). The cop on the other
side of this street made
us give him a bunch of
cigarettes, before complaining
how shit his wages are and
then telling us to piss off.

This thai dude is playing
a didgeridoo in Bangkok,
Khao San Road.

Found Shilman in Thailand!

A Lenin mask purchased
at the markets in Bangkok.
This is Roman, back home.

As $hurik 1st opens the door to his apartment
which he hasn't seen for over 20 days, a smell
of tobacco and other substances hit his nose.
He knows that only his mom might have visited
the place to feed the fish (and clean, she always
finds things to clean) but he is too tired to
realise what's going on after the 9 hour
flight. He is then suddenly faced with a
bunch of familiar faces screaming "SURPRISE!!!"
Fuck it scared me!!! Thanx An'ka for organising
it, and to some of the boys for helping her.
:-) Vadim came back about a month later
from the rest of his holiday.

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