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[Road-Trip 2003]

Dates: February 21 - March 2, 2003

Destination: Sydney - Victoria - South Australia - Sydney

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A large ram that
we saw on the
way to Melbourne

He folds almost
twice, but is still
able to fall asleep

Vlad never stops
studing....even when
sittin on the 2nd
level of 'Firefly'
bus to Melbourne

The Real Slim $hurik
and Shilman, dressed
& ready to hit Melbourne
on a Saturday night
(Bleached hair is
just fucked!)

Some Russians from
Melbourne that
came in at 3am
and woke us up

Radik. Shilman &
Seny slept at his

Anya, Radik's
neighbour. $hurik
& Vlad crashed at

Sleeping arrangements

Shilman in an
extremely gay pose

Dennis the bus.
He took us from
Melbourne to
Adelaide. We all
love Dennis!

Some of the
backpackers we were
travelling with. Near
some lookout

A mad view of some
forest & mountains

$hurik, Shilman & Seny

One of the nicest
beaches I've ever
seen. In the middle
of nowhere, between
two cliffs. Shilman,
like always, has
to be in it

$hurik & Shilman in
a cave we found
next to the beach

Shilman exploring it
......wants to bring
his women there

Weird things on
the roof of the
cave, where the
water was dripping
down from

The 12 Apostles

Another nice view
that we found.
Dennis took us

The tourists: Shilman,
Vlad, $hurik & Seny

The biggest ant
I've even seen.....
& I've seen lots
of ants!

B&W shot

Waterfall.......as one
might have

Us next to that
same waterfall

Enterting The Great
Ocean Road.

Mei & 3 assholes
next to Dennis

Matt the bus-driver!
Taught us how
to play the
didjeridoo, told us
about the old crazy
man that lives
in a cave & offered
us his job!

Deer walking outside
our backpackers
somewhere in the
middle of Victoria.
At night we
tried to find
& eat them.....
didn't really work out

A bunch of
backpackers from
all over the world,
drunk & stoned,
walking through
the forest

Mei (Holland), Vlad,
English dude, Matthias
(Germany), $hurik, Canadian
dude, Matt (UK), Jason
(UK), Shilman & Seny

Drinking wine in the
middle of the night,
and searching for
realising that we
are surrounded by
frogs who were
mating (we heard
the noises)

Matthias playing the

Shilman reading Jason's
palm...and later
cards. The outcome
wasn't exactly
is evil!

Shilman reading Matt's
palm.....not too
sure what the
outcome was there

Jon (Texas) playing
the didjeridoo
with 2 English
girls next to him

After speaking to
Shilman, Jason
got really drunk
and told everyone
what he thought
of them

Smoking outside a
backpackers place
in Adelaide

Ugly Seny next to
an ugly statute

Adelaide mall. A pig
eating from a bin

There again....the
2 great silver balls!

Playing the 'fool'
(dyrak)! We got
some ppl hooked
on it

Port Augusta. 2am.
Walking around
the little town,
where crazy dogs
bang their heads
against a wall
when you walk past it

The creation and
birth of the precious
- Absinth with

Drinking it....plus
Brandy, beer
and lots of Coke

Shilman holding
The Precious!!

Something you
wouldn't want
to see in the
middle of the night

At the back of our
car - The 'Sperm'
of the road:
Holden Commodore
V6 2003.

The never-ending train

A dead cow on
the road. Most
likely got hit
by a truck....
you can see
what it ate the
day before!

Ant (termite) homes.

This is a lake that
was build expecially
for the power-plant
that you can sort
of see in the
background (top
right corner). Stinks
bad, and nothing
is alive

Stop, revive, survive

Red-Earth....or the
Australian desert.
After driving for 7
hours we realised
that we don't
have enough petrol

A bone (could be
human) that we
found in the desert
...we are now
stuck in the middle
of nowhere with
no petrol & no

...and then the Angels
came! We put on
our robes and
walked to the
road in hope
to find someone
to save us

The 1st car that was
driving by saw
us, pulled over
and three Israeli
guys saved our
fukin asses!!!

Woomera Detention
Center (this is where
they keep all
the detainees)

Breaking the rules

When this guys
films - he has no
idea whats in
front of him

We had to put his
pink thongs in a
plastic bag, and
use our emergency
survival water to
was his fukin feet

A border where
the Indigenous
Aboriginal land starts.
You can only drive
straight, unless
you have a permit,
where you can
turn off and go
to their land

Seny always has
to pose next to

Once used to be
a lake, now simply
killometers of 5cm
think salt

Seny being a
fukin tourist

A friend with weed
is a friend indeed

Cooper Pedy. We
are sleeping in a
cave. Although it
looks normal, we
are actually 6m

Extremelly expensive
didjeridoos. The
one isn't for
sale at all

One, if not the
biggest goals of our
trip was to find the
crazy old man that
lives in a cave in
Cooper Pedy. Random
ppl that we met
on our trip knew
him, everyone knows
him! A few ppl from
our bus also
heard about him &
travelled for 800km
to his cave.......
and here we are!
Seny, Dave, Jon,
Shilman, Vlad & Mei.

Crazy old drunk
(Crocodile Harry),
80 years of age,
famous for hunting
crocodiles & getting
drunk from Port
wine, asleep in
his cave

Harry awake, telling
us about his
adventures & why
he left Latvia in
1950s, where
the jews were after

His house is like
a pornographic museum.....

Photos from outside
& inside of Crocodile
Harry's house

If women come
to his house -
they have to
donate their underware,
which he later
sticks up on
his ceiling

Mei sits on his lap
......15 seconds
go by, and his
hands feel up
every part of
her body

Mei follows the tradition
and donates Harry
her underware......
that he smells and
puts on his head

With all the love
that he has for
the jewish people
.....we still found an
Israely flag hanging
on one of his walls

Welcome to Adelaide
.........yes, we are back!

Having a coffee
somewhere in the city

Adelaide - the city
of churches

Some homeless
drunk outside a
church showing us
what he thinks
of the world

This little fucker took
1 hour showers....
every fukin day!
On the last night
we just had to
find out why it
takes him so long
- he likes to stand
under hot water
and rub himself
for 40 minutes!

Half a bottle of
Absinth - and
Shilman is gone

has something
stuck in his tooth,
Mei is there to
help! hehe

Trying on new
coats for winter in
Grace Bros. For
some reason
we got lots of
weird looks from
the passers-by

Next to some
fountain in Adelaide

Same place

The film-maker.
Almost every
moment of the
trip has been

We've said our
goodbyes to Mei.
In the airport on
our way back
to Sydney

Now he falls asleep
on his computer!

Adelaide from the sky

[ A video of our adventure is now complete.
1.5 hours long! Contact $hurik for more details ]

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