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Vstrecha v Thailande:
After looking at
the map, Shurik &
Alina have decided that
Thailand is the most
convenient place to meet
up for a drink. So,
Shurik & Marik are
off to another

Biletiki. Alina
couldn't fly direct.
Shurik & Marc would
seem to be luckier,
but when you fly
Jetstar - you realise
that's not the case

New scam at Sydney
Airport. They have closed
down all the cafes &
restaurants, the only
choice you have now
is Santos. Horrible, overpriced,
tasteless food. No
wonder Sydney has
one of the world's
worst rated International

Happy birthday mate!
From all the boys,
kick some arse in MMA!

Jetstar. It's the Holden
Gemini of airplanes!

Arriving to the hotel.
This is one of those
fancy resort-type hotels
with security gates and
all. How good is
this you can buy
almost anything you
see in the room! Bad
part is that everything
in the room was
quite average, plus
the bastards lost our

Monsoon period, runs
somewhere between
the months of May to
September. The weather
was like this for
about 2 days only

A night of entertainment.
What else do you
do on your first night
in Thailand? You go
to a ping-pong show!
Alina got a bit freaked
out & so we backed out.
It's OK, we all went
the following night :-)

Cruising through Thailand

Sitting & riding on
top of his head is
not recommended!

Slon i mos'ka, rzhut

Electricity wires are
held up by tree branches

A reflection in
a bus TV of a
couple who have
fallen asleep in
their seats.

On the way from
one place to another
sometimes you need
to stop over and
use a bathroom.
There is no issue
with squatting, no
issue with using
the bucket to wash
crap down. It's
mainly the massive
hole in the door
that creates a problem

Marik vse 3 nedeli
muchal Aliny. Primerno
vot tak

Posle dlinoi dorogi
v Koh Samui Alina
ochen progoladalas.
Shurik predlozhil
derevo, tak kak mi
v Thailande, a tyt
edyat vse. Opilki
leteli vezde!

Shesh besh! Dinner
in an Israeli joint

Alina perenuhala vse
tsveti Thailanda

Nakonetso dobralis
do solntsa i morya!

Kak zhe poehat'
otdihat i ne sdelat'
Hennah tattoo?

Staraya znakomaya Lena
priehala nas navestit

Da, teper ona uzhe
zakonniy zhitel

Narguila & cocktails
on the beach

Kids like these ones
challenge you in a
game of "Connect 4".
If you lose - you
pay up $1 and the
kid calls you a loser.
Then walks past you
every 20min and
calls you a loser again

These things are
actually flying over 100m
above your head.
It's a lit up container
made out of paper
and you are meant to
light it up & make
a wish... or something
like that

3 obeziyani.
One of these cute
looking things bit
Shurik's finger!

The one & only -
Ninja Crepes!

Alina dolzhna bila
sfotkatsya so vsemi!

Lena hodila na plyazh
pochti bez kupalnika

Nemnogo pobesilis

Of course it is
perfectly normal to
climb up into
a stranger's boat just
to take some photos.
Alina got lucky
that no angry
fisherman came running
out! No mercy!


Where as tours
in Europe are
highly recommended,
the same cannot be said
about Thailand. Apart
from the beautiful
surroundings, you
are basically on
your own to explore

A small english lesson

On a random tiny
island we found
this Australian-funded

Morskie ezhi. Eto
bilo kryto

Alina boitsa niryat'.
This is probably as
far as she went

As you can tell,
snorkeling is not
really for her :-)

Within about 15min,
it went from a hot
& sunny day to
a torrential rain.
Since the island is
quite small & people
live on it, there
isn't much fresh water.
This is one of the
ways you can take
a shower. Great

The rain lasted
for about 20min, &
now we are back
to wasting a bit
of time. This is
the best game to
play if you've got
some shells handy!

Apart from lying on
the beach all day
and drinking all night,
Marc also came to
Thailand for a bit
of training.

The training camp was
built as a hotel, where
fighters can live
& train. Just outside
of the main Koh Samui
Chewing Beach

After only 2 days
of training, Marc
already was coaching
everyone wrestling.
See the video below:

Some more of the
training, that also
resulted in one
broken ear

Devchenki reshili nemnogo
pogulyat. Zashli dovolno
daleko v jungli i
nashli bar, kotoriy
ochen napominal bar
s filma "From Dask till
Dawn". Ne tolko
bar, no i sami
ludi v nem

Since the coconuts
have a tendency
of falling on people's
heads, you can't actually
walk under the palm

Pochti vozle nashego
hotelya bil club,
kotoriy pochti nazivalsya
Alina's. Ny, i
mi tam reshili nemnogo

Fireshow in the bar

Phuket beach - polnaya

Zato postirat' 1.5kg
gryaznih noskov i trusov
stoit vsego $1.50

Let's do some internet

All the safety precautions
undertaken. Shurik did
this in one of the
bars while dancing.
The two drinks were
also his idea &
were welcomed by
a handshake from
one of the club
security guards.

The easiest way to
learn some basic
conversational phrases
in Thai

Safety in Thailand.
Not everywhere are
electric wires held
up by tree branches

Marik is testing out
the security measures
undertaken to keep
the stuff from getting

Another night, another

It was all becoming
a little repetitive,
until we found this
place. Ura's russian
restaurant is the place
you want to visit
when you are in Phuket.
Loved it! "Dom y
dorogi", right next
door to another
Russian restaurant, "Y
Ksenii doma".

Here are some shots
of the menu. But
if you do go there,
you must order some
malosol'nie ogurchiki &
home-made salo
(salo is not on the

The cheapest way
to eat is this - street
food. Costs around $3
a meal, it beats
any kebab you can
buy in Sydney.

Alternatively you
can go to a seafood
restaurant and pay
almost Sydney prices
for some seafood.
Should probably try both.

Alina v polete!

Vniz golovoi chitat
tyazhelovato :-)

Kazhdiy den massagik.
Ny, pochti.

And this was a weird
experience. Sitting there,
looking at an old
man getting a massage
(top photo). Then turn
around and looked at
the wall. This old
man was pictured in
an identical position
on one of the photos.
At the time this was

Thinking of investing?
This 65sqm apartment
near the water in
Phuket is about $AU68K

Back in Ninja Crepes,
those client-photos
on the wall

While you are lying on the beach,
every 5min or so someone walks up to you &
tries to sell you something. Shurik
bought a pair of fake Ray Bans, that
broke exactly a week after getting back
to Sydney. Alina got this little dress,
that is pretty cool actually. But the best
salesmen by far are the dudes who
sell ice-cream. Watch the video below
& tell me, wouldn't you buy one too?! :-)

The ones that almost
made it

Katerina's birthday in

Romochka takes us
to the airport,
a bottle of brandy is
drunk on the plane,
Nata picks us up
from the airport.
Let the holiday

Katerina poluchaet ogromniy
buket tsvetov ot brata

Pre-party drinks at
hotel turned into
some quality dancing

Ohh yeah, the claw!

Stopping by Aliska's
place, Shurik decided to
vacuum. For whatever

Trezvenkie :-)

Radik loves nightclubs

Vot devyshki uzhe
zapeli i Alla nachinaet
teryat' svoi golos

Jettblack party!

Zoya i Katya na chto-to

Nata, Lena & Alla

Nata & Vadim

DJ Sugarbass & MC tEddy

XyLiGaH, vAsiLISA &

Girls are doing the
rounds again

Katya izdevaetsya.

Shurik & Radik, who
is now pursuing his
future in Uzbekistan,
again :-)

Zoya is not posing?!

Ira & Lenka

This is what happens
when Shurik's sister
gets hold of the

A Monya vse s babami

Vitashili bednogo DJ

Shampanskoe v mode!

Some official Club-Russia

Between drinking &
partying, people
did some other

The Dali gallery in
Melbourne was something
worth looking at. (If
only we gave it
more time)

Pirates marching down
the main street

Crazy Chinese making
a statement. Melbourne
is full of excitement.

Monya was training
on the vibrating exercise
machine. All you do
is stand on it,
switch it on and
count down the calories

Or you can get
some exercise by
playing Wii. A bit
more fun then getting

A dude is sitting outside
an art-gallery, proving
that a street-artist
is usually a lot
more talented then
those 'artists' that
are hung on a wall

Yarra River

The next day it
was Katerina's birthday
party in restaurant

Roma zachitival pozdravleniya

Toasts were made

Food was devoured

Nata has been talking
about "" for
years now, & how good
it is at that place.
The time has finally

Lots of salami & random
meats in one soup.
Not bad, not bad
at all.

Off or on?!

Ira & Andrei

Nata greet ruchku

Edik i babi

Devyshki vozle stolbika

Hvatit fotkatsya - idem
v club!

Jumped into a couple
of shuttle buses &
off to the club!

Prodolzhaem, teper
v Crown Casino, some
club, in out little
private room

Katerina uzhe veselenkaya

Vlad kaifuet

Ross & ""

Ira, Vlad & Edik

Zoishe? Prishur? :-)

Still behaving!

Monya dumaet "poidet
ili luchshe ne nado"

Luchshe ne nado bilo!

Edik yvidev eto reshil
zakusit lemonom

Vlad & Vadim prosto
lezhali v obnimky
i ugorali

Our bar-tender, who
looks a lot like

Ira, Lenka & Zoishe

Tanusha, Nata & Leva

"M?", Nata & "M?"

Ira & Lenka

Lena & Irka

Sober Zoishe & Lenka


Alla razbila bytilku

Sofia potyanula
nevidimiy kanat...

... i nachalsya bespredel!

Something happend &
there were no
more posing photos
(thank god)

People kept attacking

Monya udobno prileg
na Tanushu

Some others liked
the idea of taking
a break too

Monya okazalsya udobnee

Sofia otshila ot
sebya Edika s limonom, i
teper on pereshel na

Derzhite debila!

No posing allowed!

Sofochka umudrilas
naiti tihiy ugolok
i nemnogo popozirovat'

Yep, keep trying!

Runs in the family
I guess :-)

Bespredel prodolzhalsya
i tolko narostal!

A nashemy bartendery vse
bilo pofig, on pokazival

Vadim silen!

Bartender zadolbalsya
mit' stakani, tak
ludi nachali izobretat

Imenninitsa is getting
lots of attention

Zoishe vnezapno prevratilas
v vampira i ukusila

Devchenki poshli progulyatsa

Some posing photos
were allowed

Nozhki vpered!

"Katya, vozmi telefon!"

DJ Sugarbass & Shurik

Alla, Leva, Katerina
& "M?"

Melbourne & Sydney
partying together
in Melbourne!

Sumki, pustie stakani,
korotkie ubki...

Leva & "M?"

Petya & Sofochka

Upali, sdelali fotky
i dalshe tantsevat!

Mixing at the bar

Vadim priglashaet
Petu v Sydney

Nata, Vadim & Ira

A vot i Nino poyavilas
v svoih super-cool boots!

Ira x 2

At the club & just
before. No, Natanchik
wasn't with us at
the club!

Just us.


Teper nozhki pokazivaut

Vadim is god!

Na Monu napalo chto-to

... i on ypal na pol,
v slezah


Monya got up only
to take off the
shoes off Katerina's
sore feet

Shurik & Ellen

Katerina is crazy!
Take her home!

Next day - spent the
evening at Keks's &
Marfa's place

Potihonku ot'hodim
ot dvuh predidushih

Shurik, Monya, Edik
& Keks

Sleva - horoshaya iz deshevih,
sprava - horoshaya iz dorogih.

It is exactly 10 years
since those 2 boys met,
and what could be
better then taking
another one of these
photos! :-)

Teper' mozhno i tak

Max's & Marina's daughter
is one natural performer!
And she loves the

Capturing the reaction
of people when
a bit of water is
thrown at them

Melbourne didn't want
people to go home!

The ones that almost
made it

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