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Vita gets a haircut:
volosi nado otrezat'!

Dream of being
a hairdresser is
slowly coming alive

Nemnogo experimentiruem

Resultat: sovsem
dazhe ne ploho :-)

Helen Rose Show:
Not sure what
this guy's name is,
but he was by
far the most talented
musician there. At
one point he came
out wearing nothing
but a little dress
& stockings though

Some people only
thought they had a
lot of talent

Talented in organising
alternative shows with
a quite alternative crowd
maybe, but definitely
not singing, sorry

The ones that almost
made it

Running on the

In order to get
fit & get other people
involved, we have
created a group
on facebook called
"Run bitch, run!"
Take a look and
we'll see you at
the beach, fat

Monya is the leader

Shilman is a lazy
bastard with too
many excuses

After a 1.5 hour run,
you deserve a break

Emma's Birthday:
Drinks at Star City

Emma & [?]

[?], Shurik, Ira,
Roma & Emma

Emma & Marik

Emma & Shurik

At some bar in
Star City

Marinka came down
from Melbourne and
this time even said
hello :-p

The ones that almost
made it

Lenka turns 27:
Family dinner, cake,

Retarded musicians

Tonee molesting a
soft toy

A prank on Shurik
documented. An sms
saying "I've just cut
my foreskin" was
sent to a number of
Shurik's friends

ClubRussia in

Clubbing takes a
whole new look

These people should
not be even allowed
inside the nightclub

Pakistani, Afghani, plus
many other interesting
personalities of the

Not a big fan
of individual photos

Roma hochet nezametno
unesti kassu

A vse nachinalos
primerno vot tak

A zakonchilos tak:
eating a piece of
bacon, covered in
salt & pepper, lots
of it. At least the
after-party dinner
was payed for

The ones that almost
made it

Ladyfest - Miss
Kim, Miss Elena,
& Lady Victoria
Birthday Party:

The Russian corner,
with one of the birthday

Elona, Nathan, Roksana
and Biana

Hessco & Elena

Sam & (?)

A soccer admirer &
a soccer hooligan
shaking hands

Ladies of the
outdoors toilet

Bit of break-dancing

Other ways you can

Shilman showed up
a little later

This dog doesn't
miss a party

After the party,
we went to visit
Olena & Natalija,
the newly legalised
Australian Citizens

The ones that almost
made it

Uncle Gino got
a boob-job. Only
he will come out
of the hospital &
have a ciggie with
a coffee

Thanks Inna for
making crims feel

Random house party,
random asian girl
jumps the fence
because she heard
music coming from
the house on
her way home

Roma got himself
a motorbike

Some reasons for
always having the
camera by your side

Another one of those
reasons :-))

A sign that should
be put up in every
coffee shop

Nice makeover of

Edik finally let people
write on his plaster.
(Two days later he
decided to wash his
bathroom, got the
whole thing wet
and cut if off)

Redfern wildlife

Marinka is famous, find
her in your nearest
MYER :-) In the news

Next time someone
asks you to install
a door handle - do
this! Fun for all!

Reptile Show in

Nothing beats holding a
crocodile in your hand.
You can go to a
pet-shop and hold a
lizard. You can go to
the zoo and hold a
turtle or a frog. You
can go to an aquarium
and touch a fish.
It is not often
that you get to hold
a whole, live,
partly restricted
crocodile (this one
was 2 years old),
that grows to about
8m in length.

Blue-tongue lizard

Bearded lizard, a
friendly little thing
that just exchanged
hands all day long
and didn't seem to
mind at all.

While we were allowed
to hold small, somewhat
restricted to move
animals, kids were
playing with a massive

Almost everything
was for sale! These
little frogs were
sold for $40 each

A lonely yellow
python, waiting
to be bought

When I wanted to buy
a python I had a
lot of difficulty finding
a good breeder,
had to go to numerous
pet-shops, talk to
random people who own or
owned a python, etc,
eventually finding a
breeder who could help
me out. This place was
a massive shock! There
were hundreds of baby
snakes sold in boxes.
People walked around the
place with snakes, lizards,
frogs and turtles in their hands
or in clear containers.
Wish it was this
easy a few years back.

And for the rest of you
miserable creatures, here
are some stress-less pets
to take home

Thorny lizard, would
make a really cool looking
pet. Unfortunately they
are illegal in NSW and
were brought into Sydney
from Queensland especially for
this show.

Cane toad. Australians
hate them, call them
a pest. They are also
somewhat poisonous, so
keep your distance.

Cow skulls for sale

The ones that almost
made it

9th of May Celebrations:
This is something
we celebrate every
year, more or less
in the same company.
This year it was at
Parsley Bay

Iline, Ulya & Lera

Golodnaya Ulya gotova
est' siroe myaso

Zakusochka :-)

Siamese twins

Eric & Max

Seli porzhat'

Lera & Eric

How rude! :-)

Eric gets attacked
and attacks

"Futbol pridumal ya"

Eric attacks back

Heading out from
the beach to Eric's

Eric wants to attack,

Shurik i Yaponochka, yo

No, that did not
happen that night

Last stop karaoke

Bez ochkov slova
tyazhelovato videt'

Ne zabivaem dlya
chego sobralis!

The ones that almost
made it

Eurovision '09:
Neither Russia, Ukraine
or Israel won, but
at least we won
it last year! That
damn fairytale!

Urguiskiy Restaurant
& karaoke:

Random Russians at
a karaoke bar, after
a dinner at Urguiskiy

Live music at the
Urguiskiy restaurant

Kostya pooral nemnogo
po Ukrainski

Monya pooral po russki
(smotrite video) :-)

The ones that almost
made it

Queens Birthday
Long weekend.
Boys-only trip to
The Entrance:

The 2 main chefs,
Vadim & Romochka have
begun their work. Mi
i bez devchenok
horosho spravlyaemsya

Kotleti na pervoe!

Gotovo! Zhrite na

It has been 12 years
of promises. 12 years
of hope, 12 years or
failure and disappointment.
After these long 12
years, Romochka finally
kept his word. Let
the plov begin!

Cooking in progress

Only Romochka gets
to put the sacred
meal on your plate.

"Eto nazivaetsya plov, s
Maroubri. Po
Tadjitskomy recepty.
Komy ne ponravitsa,
srazu ub'u!"

Rules before & after :-)
View full size for
the full effect

The conversation that
lasted too long &
if you were not there,
be only thankful :-)

Kto-to sobiraet babki

This little speaker
connects to your
iPod and is pretty
damn loud!

Uncle Gino & Juice

"I like dogs, but I
could never eat
the whole one"

Shurik is once
again testing out
his hairdressing skills

Vlad is calling
Tolik in US

Edik igraet v domino,
a na video nemnogo
zlitsya, igraya v duraka

BBQ downstairs wasn't
working out, so the
boys decided to carry
the mongal full of hot
coals through the
house, up to level 2

BBQ na meste, teper
tolko ostalos' podlit'
vina i shashlik
v samom razgare!

This little godzilla
pulls 10 seconds in a
quarter mile
A full review

And in case it rains,
it's equipped with an

On the way home,
we decided to stop
over at a random BBQ
area and cook some
of the remaining meat

The ones that almost
made it

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