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Zoya's Birthday

The cake says it

Orts & Shmicky

Monya & Anna

Ira & Roma

Zoya & Lenya

Too many cameras,
the girls don't
know where to look

Ira, Alik & Vadim

Marat & Ira

Katerina's new hairdo
& Nata


Narod vnezapno podvalil

Marina & Pasha

Alberto & Morney

Nata vzyalas za
Zoiny zadnitsy

Pasha oskorbil chemto
ydivlenuu devochku

Poltora kitaitsa

Kazhdiy tantsuet po svoemy

Edik raskruchivaet

Katya, i chto-zhe
vi dumaete v etot
moment? :-)

Zoya pritantsovivaet

Alehandro & Kate

Ulya, Anya, Lenchik,
Daniel & Zhenya

Now we know why
the girls didn't know
where to look before :-)

Restoran opustel
i Shurik otrubilsya

Specimen #3 of the
Safaniev family

Lenchik's cleavage

Shurika razdeli. Look
at all these animals!

The ones that almost
made it

An evening of
Grotesque Art:

Dave & Shilman, 2
main artists of the

Door bitches once

Shilman reading some
of his latest book + a
video of him embarrassing

Roza sings some
modern opera +
a video of a few
of her songs

Random drawings from
the book were printed
on large posters,
mounted on the walls
& sold

Vita, Marc, Vadim,
Ziv, Uzik & Roma

Shilman is thanking
Roza for the great
performance. The pianist
arrived here just
a few days earlier from
Moscow, to perform with

Shilman was interrupted
by a rude mobile phone
user, who is now
punished by figuring
out where Shilman
stopped reading. A
minute later Shilman's
phone also ran.

Liza & Shurik

Liza & a friend

Some of the people

Max, Iline, Ula,
Alla, Rob & Shurik

Uzik, Shmick, Marc,
Vadim, Darina, Monya
& Roma

Marc & Yaponochka

More people outside
the gallery...

Shurik, Sam, Gidian,
Shilman & Susan

Some facts of the
night. Haven't read
any of the books
yet? Contact us
while they are cheap
and available

The ones that almost
made it

BBQ at Lenya's place:
Vita, Isay, Vitya
& [?]

Misha & Lenya

Lenya pokazivaet chto
devyshky sovsem ne

Shurik i Vita

Olya i Lenya

The ones that almost
made it

RushParty in Sydney:
A family of musicians

Sisters with some
members of DRED

Inna with the
These guys are a
death-metal band,
but even if you are
not into that type
of music - you will
fucking love their

Inna & Lena

Nastya & Shurik

Nastya & Anya

Kak vse nachinalos...

... i kak vse zakonchilos

Tema in Sydney
& Katerina leaving us:

On zhe Ҹ, on
zhe ,
on zhe , ili prosto,

Dolgo probivali ety
vstrechu, no vsetaki
probili :-)

Katerina is moving
to Melbourne. So
far she has been
back here more then
there :-p

Yep, these toilets
do exist. This is
at the Sydney
International Aiport!
(well, outside)

Trees suck:
Marik kupil electro-pily

Gniloe, staroe derevo,
s kotorogo dazhe
ptitsi srat' ne hoteli

There was a ghost
in the backyard.
Some people say
he looks a little
like Monya

Photo taken from
inside the car.
You can clearly see
the bird-shit on the
sunroof, and if you
look closer, you
can also see those
birds, that are still
happily sitting on
the tree, ready for

Lena's 24th Birthday:
Lena & Nata

Edik slomal ruku.
Soccer balls these
days are a lot tougher
then they used to be

Lenin papa uchit
nas kak krytit

Darina can hold
4 matches on her

Random photos:
Kahina's dressup
birthday party


Sabbath Dinner with
Shilman & Roza

Vlad turns 29

Out with the boys
from work: Vlad & Kaiser!

Latest desktop setup
at home

At first it looked
a bit weird, 2 planes
closely following each
other in the air,
an accident waiting
to happen. But,
when zoomed in, it
took an even
stranger turn - the
2 planes are actually
attached to each
other, like a car
pulling another

Roma & Sonya went
for a holiday a
while back and
this is the photo
that they wanted to
share, to show
what it was all
about. Looks fun! :-)

The wedding of
Kylie & Tony:

Alex & Monika,
friends from work
of the bride

Shurik, Tony, Kylie
& Monika

Meet the best men

And some of the

Somewhere past Campbelltown
they promote their
photography studios
by making babies
look like frogs

The father & the bride

Skipping the ceremony,
here they are, married
and happy

It was also a birthday
for one of the sister's
of the bride. There
are 4 of them in
total (3 are on this

Monika is holding
on to some flowers.
Looks like she is
about to eat them :-p

The NxGen-ASA crue

Beer drinker & designated
driver. Can you
tell which one is which?

Singing some of the
80s classics. Probably
something from "Grease"

Not sure how old
this grandma is, but
she made most of
young people at the
party look like amateurs

Usually you would
pick someone up
for a joke and then
put them down.
This dude danced
like this the whole
fucking song, after
a while the lady
just gave up fighting
it and hung off the
chair :-)

That bridge made
up of hands, where
the groom & bride
do their final walk.

The ones that almost
made it

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