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Jagshemash Australia!
Alina & Inna arrive:

Edik, Shurik &
Yasha greet the
ladies from Kazakhstan

First hour in
Sydney - giving
a tour

Dover Heights lookout

Couldn't wait to
touch the water

Disko dancing:
Vipiem za priezd!
Vodka from Kazakhstan
(actually really good)

Pre-drinks at

Alina znakomitsa s
nashei kompashkoi

Inna znakomitsa nemnogo
po drygomy, ona
boevaya devochka

Starie znakomie,
Ella & Emma

Alina zagadivaet
zhelanie mezhdu Marikami
(govarit chto sbilos)

Monya kaifuet ot

Posle massaga Monya
polniy sil. One-handed
chinups! (You bastard,
just noticed you
almost kicking the

Monya is an angel.
No skepticism there!

Innas going off on
the dance floor

Ilona & Shurik

Going off at
Cherry Jam

Emma & Shurik

Monya & Alla
tantsuut s krilishkami

Monya is planing to
lift off. Devchenki,
derzhite ego!

Lena, Alla & Nata

"In Kazakhstan, all
men get sweaty when
they dance"

Malenkaya pausa
mezhdu tantsami :-)

Nata & Katya

The ones that almost
made it

Valentine's Day and
Alina's & Lenya's bds:

Next day - party
continues. Inna with
some of the local

Ella, Sasha & Emma

Marina & Ulya

Andrei i mladshiy

Edik, Max & Senya
buhaut po serioznomy

Left & Right.
Gotta love the

Lena & Nata

Monya v shoke ot
takoi grubosti

The other table,
Lenya's birthday party

Shurik ylibaetsya kak


Ziv experiences some
difficulty deciding

A posle 12, y
Alini dnuha!

Sasha & Zoishe

Inna vidaet dolgozhdanuu

Eto bil ne perviy i
ne posledniy... zato
samiy gromkiy :-)

Vse tantsuut, Senya
dazhe bosikom

Monya pererabotal,
ustal i usnul

A chiya eto bila
rabota - nikto ne

Tanusha spasla malenkuu
ispuganuu devochky,
kotoraya smotrela na
vse eto i dumala
"Vot kogda ya virasty,
ya nikogda pit' ne
bydy!" I pravilno.

A little after-party
at Shurik's

The ones that almost
made it

Inna got changed
into something more

Eventually Alina
& Inna went back
to their Bond St.

Melbourne & the
Great Ocean Road:

The girls didn't get
any sun in Sydney,
so they decided to
take a trip through
the state of Victoria

Somewhere on the
Great Ocean Road

"In Kazakhstan, we use
these as shopping

And finally, after 2
weeks of rain, out
of all the places - in
Melbourne, the girls got
to swim in the ocean

Alina getting a feel
of the Sydney CBD

The promised deep-fried
Mars Bars. Love 'em!

The girls taking the
"Run bitch, run!"

View on the ocean

Bronte Beach, prigaut
ot schastiya

Roma, Edik & Monya
were too quick for us

Romochka is not
impressed with the way
this dog showers

After a long walk, it
is always recommended
to properly stretch

Arrest him!

Shurik's very friendly
& very normal niece

The other very normal
members of Shurik's
family, doing the

Shurik's pet & pet's
weekly meal

Strippy Strippy Bang

Chinese Gardens

Monya dressed as
a Chinese prostitute


Fotka vozle vodopada

Ohota na yashiritsu

Shurik & Alina

Monya's first time
at Chinese Gardens in
15 years of living in
Australia. Gotta thank
all these tourists,
many places we would
never visit if it wasn't
for them :-)

Ohota na rib

The ones that almost
made it

Alina poziruet na
Darling Harbour

"In Kazakhstan,if
a boy wants a woman,
all he has to do it
take off his underwear
and run for it"

Ot raboti daleko
ne yedesh :-)

Went to see
these guys perform

They were competing
against 3 or so other
death metal bands.
The winner gets to
perform at some other
much bigger concert.
Dred won

It was mentioned
that these
guys fucking rock!

Serezha, brother
of one of the dudes
from the band &
that night, also a

Their biggest
(can't say loudest)
fan :-)

Liquid explosion:
Tourist just can't
get enough of
our harbour view

Sexy time explosion

Alina na fone vodi
i goroda

Priderzhivaut (ili
hotyat stirit') mostik

"In Kazahstan, it is
very normal for
a girl to make
a dirt anywhere"

A devchenki ne hilie!

After being greeted
with a "I love
Kazakhstan" tshirt

the girls decided to
do the same for us

Romantika on Bronte

Opyat zasrali ves stol!

Alina znakomitsa s
Avstraliskim possum

Kto-to skazal, chto
y Moni segodnya
dnuha (i chemy
zhe mi uchim detei?)

(& there is also
a little penis
drawn up, just to
fill up space)

Y Vadima na fytbolke
tselaya voina

Shilman's present
to Monya - is his
finger, that had the
nail fully ripped
out. Nice!

Romochka can hold
a cigarette on
his lashes, a Darina -
4 spichki!

Airport, time to
say goodbyes.
How can you come
to Australia and not
try a good Aussie pie?!
"Harry's de Wheels"
does them best!

Yep, we love Sydney
too :-)

Tickets back to the
great country of
Kazakhstan, flying
through Abu Dhabi!

A vot i rodina

According to this
Kazakhstani website, the
plane has landed

The ones that almost
made it

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