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ClubRussia in Sydney:
Door bitch & a
a friend

tEddy, Sasha &

Shurik & Tanusha

Ulya i Sveta

Roma visokiy :-)

Leana & Genudiy

Ulya i Lena

Zoya2, Ulya
& Anya

x 2

Podruzhki Sashi

Marat, Sasha &

Pasha & Max

Sasha i Ilusha

Roma & Igor

Shurik i Lenchik

Sasha, (?) & Edik

Gloria & (M?)

Afterparty @ Shurik's.
Muzhskoi ugolok


Sasha podtyagivaetsya
10 raz

Zhora i malenkaya
gromkaya chuviha

Devochki uhazhivaut
za Romoi

The ones that almost
made it

Shilman's birthday &
Rosa's & Shilman's

Shilman has moved out!
With a gf! The
world is coming to
an end!

Showing off his
new underwear by
Christian Audigier &
a cup, that looks
like him in 50 years

V ety noch mi posideli
dovolno dazhe tiho

A devochki nashli
Shilmana knizhku po
Kama Sutra i vnimatelno
ee izuchali

VulgarGrad in concert:
These guys were f*&king
amazing! A bunch
of Polish/Australian guys
sing classic Russian
criminal songs "blatnyak".
Loved every minute of it.

A good third of the
audience were Russian.
Very unplanned.

Little Creatures kept
us cool

Pasha & Edik

"Vodka, tattoos, money,
guitars, drugs, jail,
and girls (including
dear old mama) are
the mainstays of this
world - the world of
the Russian criminal."

Some of the performers
decided to join the
audience in a slow

The big balalaika was
a big hit with the
foreigners, as were
the telnyazhki

Poka Darina slushaet
kak Edik rasskazivaet
Pashe pro tyazheloe
detstvo v Odesse, k
nim podsela veselaya,
ochen piyanaya zhenshina.
(Kotoraya, kak idyt sluhi,
bednaya, do tyaleta
potom ne dotyanula)

Ira i Monya

Lenka & that girl
everyone remembers
from Berry, 2007 :-)

A Monya vse tantsuet!
Zhara +30, esli
ne bolshe

Teper eto vse

Jacek podpisivaet
svoi album

Ny a kak-zhe nam
poiti kudato i ne sfotkatsya
s samim glavnim :-)

Daniel & an actress
from some Australian
drama. Remind me
someone? :-)
edited: Virginia Gay
from All Saints

The ones that almost
made it

Ira's Birthday:
Zakidali tsvetami!

Lunch in RoseBay
with kids
making most of
the noise

Vlad proshaetsya s

Maurice turns 30:
Ela, very nice cake
you made :-)

Australia Day:
These tatoos are
real! Seriously!

Devyshkam nakolki
delal uzhe ne Shurik

Monya krutit papiroski

Pacanchiki zharyat

Ira & Mia

Ulya i Sveta

Eta fotka poluchshe :-)

Pasha pokazivaet na
Marike zhesti ananizma

Vse troe vnimatelno
smotryat na fotku.
ps. Alik & Ira, good to
see you again guys!

Lea & Mia. Three
letter names are
popular these days

Those bloody girlfriends,
or wives, same thing!

Olya, might even miss
you. Just a bit :-)

Some men just love
to grope each other

Really, really love
the groping!

Police working very
hard, trying to keep
the streets of Redfern

Another hero of Redfern
Police Department.

The most expensive
"Wet Floor" sign
in the world :-)

Vita i nekotorie drugie
vse esho gulyali.
Shurik i Vlad opyat
na vole!

Piyanenkaya Lena
tyanetsa cherez ves
stol za bakalom vina

The ones that almost
made it

Nata bought a new
car & will not let anyone
drive it (unless
you manage to steal
her keys, drive it
& then skip the country)

"Bukharian Times", a very
controversial newspaper
aimed at the minority
group called "Buharo", an
example of which is
standing in front of
you now

Found in the back
of Monya's car

Who is imitating who?

Pozharim myaso, popiem
pivo, da pozhgem

Vadim poprasil sfotkat
svechky v pive.
Sfotkal - vot resultat

This is the face
of a girl who let her
inexperienced aunty cut
her hair

Or you can pay $12
and go to Steve
(aka Mustafa), the
best hairdresser in
in town!

FOR SALE: 2 Bedrooms,
1 Garage, 1 Buharo
and 1 Cat

Edvard lubit prigat.
Watsons Bay
cliffs jump!

Marik did a course
in acupuncture, or
something similar.
Lenya had sore
legs, Marc decided
to fix them

These things go as
deep as they can,
often only stop when
touching your bone

Ulya in Australia:
Proletom iz Moskvi,
cherez Sydney,
Ulya otdihaet v Cairns

Podruzhilas s mestnimi
aborigenami. A kak-zhe
bez nih!

Ruka pokazivaet odno:
bila burnaya noch
na Gold Coaste :-)

The ones that almost
made it

Family fishing day

Dad turned 60, so
we decided to take
the old man fishing

Left quite early
in the morning, the
sun was just rising

First catch! Only
15min or so into it

Papa tak nezhno
derzhit ribku

Yep, even females
can fish

The beautiful thing
about going on one
of these fishing adventures,
is the fact that these
guys not only gut
& clean all your fish,
you can even cook
it straight on the
boat (but we didn't)

Left: bait
Right: about 12 or so
ready to cook fish,
to make our mom's day
a bit happy :-)

The ones that almost
made it

(yes, we saw dolphins)

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