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Ira turns 26,
followed by a
COBOK House Party:

Ira i podruzhki

Anya, Shurik & Ulya

Maxim & Andrei

Mark & Anya

Ira duetsya

Ortal finished her

Shurik & Ortal

Rada, Lina &
pionerki at the
COBOK Party.
Only now realised,
why Rada seemed
so familiar

Pod'ehali znakomie

Anya, Ulya & Shurik

Zoishe & Nata

Tanusha, Serezha &

Davno uzhe takoi
fotki nebilo :-)

Even made it B/W,
for the historic
effect :-p

KGB is still
watching you!

Immeninitsa uzhe
veselenkaya, a Ilona
dumaet chto ei
eta kepka idet!

Apprently that was
his house. Or maybe
that's just the DJ.

The ones that almost
made it

Sky Diving:
The next morning,
after drinking till 3am,
we are catching a bus
& going sky-diving.
NB. sky diving is the
best cure for a
hangover. Seriously!

Putting on our

Ule ob'yasnyaut,
chto s otkritoi zmeikoi
hodit' modno

Malenkaya trenerovochka

Dalshe tolko professionali,
takie kak mi


Italianets Andrea
poka esho ylibaetsya

Some still-shots
from the video

About 1 second before
the free-fall!

Paltsi veerom, skorost
240km/h, 4km above
ground :-)

Eta ptichka esho i

This is something
everyone should do
at least once in their
life! Just don't tell
the guy that you
like rollercoasters,
the bastard starts spinning
you and for the next hour
you walk around
a little dazed :-)

Ulya v polete!
A esho silno mozhet
zalozhit ushi!

Prizemlilas, yra!

Another 'tick' on
the list!

Zarabotali po gramote

Some humorous toilet
signs & a local

The group of International
Students that did
the jump with us

Chelovek ystal, a
ona prikalivaetsya!

A video from the
sky dive. The actual
jump lasted a few
minutes longer.
Enjoy and do it!

A bit shorter version and
without all the talking.
With some help
from Dj Boyko

Trip to Canberra:
Nothing feels worse,
then the realisation
that the 'M' sign in front
of you is not Maccas,
it's a just a truck,
& you will not be
eating anytime soon

And it's not often
that you see an
overweight couple, driving
a little Mazda 121 with
an actual, alive
camel (lama) literally stuffed
in the back of it.

Roma, Yasha & Anton

Gulyaem v ...

Marc, Yasha, (M?),
& Masha

Aline segodnya 21!

(F?), Katya, Alina
& Lena

Masha, Alina, Aleksei
& Yasha

You would think, that
for Federal Police,
they would have more
up-to-date technology
installed in their
interview rooms.

The ones that almost
made it

Ziv's birthday drinks
& Sasha's Birthday
Party in Skazka:

At 'The Argyle'

Birthday girl i

Some of the late-

Sonya, Roma, Anya,
Tanusha & Pasha

Wheels & Dollbaby

'Odessa on Bondi'
will always be called
'Skazka' to us

Roma vozmushaetsya,
a Mone prosto smeshno - na
dvoih dali vsego odin
kusochek tortika

Devchonki za stolikom

2.5 heads

Sasha i mama

Sasha & Anya

Vspominaem veselie
vremena at UWS

Ny che vi tikaete?!

Zoishe & Sasha

Vadim v trance

Pacanchiki on the
dance floor

Tanusha, Isay, Nata,
Monya & Vadim

The people in the
background are
really into it

Sveta, Vadim, Pasha,
Shurik & Monya

Nino: posmotri kakoi
malchik tam!
Tanusha: fyyyyy!!!

Monya horoshiy

Vadim i Pasha

Big Monya

Hozyain restorana
joins in lezginka

Home sweet home.
This is Redfern
at 3am. Who said
that this area
was bad?! :-)

The ones that almost
made it

Lea turns 1:
Roditeli i rebenok


These ppl require
5 bbqs to feed all
the guests... & just
try taking one away
from them!

Johnny & Israel

Parochka invalidov :-p

Popozhe reshili
poigrat' v football

He was almost
selected for the
national soccer team
of Buharo. And
you can witness the
skill right there!

The ones that almost
made it

Goodbye Katya,
followed by the Hanukkah
party @ the Sheaf:

Provozhaem Kateriny...
ili pre-New Years

Vse nikak ne
mogli normalno sest'

Had enough!

(M?), Nata & Ula

Liana is back!

Ula & Nestle

Tantsevali na
stolah, poka nam
ne skazali chto "vigonim!"

Ula & (M?)

Davina from facebook
met Shurik, already
quite intoxicated at
this stage :-)

Ella, Emma &
2 random dudes

Meeting random

The ones that almost
made it

Kostya's 31st birthday:
Kostya i Pasha

Nino, Isay, Sasha
& Stas

Yana & Inna

Aronov, Marina
& Pasha

One of the cutest
dogs ever!

...when the cute dog
turns evil!

Inna, Isay & Sasha

Sasha i Sasha


Stas i Kostya
reshili nemnogo

Marat & Pasha

Marina & Nino

Kostya & Aronov

Kostya & Nina

Kstati tysovka voobsheto
nachalas na Coogee Beach

... i potom uzhe vse
reshili dvinutsya k
Pashe i Marine domoi

Darina i zhuchka

Pasha privetstvuet gostei

The ones that almost
made it

Vadim turns 26:
Everyone just wants
the cake cut & to
eat it

Nata & Anya

Shmicky nalivaet
Ortal "rumochku"

Sex on fire

Tri Romi, tri Moldavana

Shurik turns 29:
Dinner with family

Few beers with
the boys

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