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Edvard's 24th
Birthday Party:

Shmick, Edvard
& Ian

Gloria, Nata, Lena,
Shurik & Monya

Shurik, Yasha, Edvard
& Monya

Ela is to the
right of this photo,
in case someone missed

Ula & Gloria

A smiling & a
yawning primate

The ones that almost
made it

Alla's & Lez's
Birthday Party:

Birthday girl 1

Birthday girl 2

Iline, Lez, Alla
& Nastya

More guests at one
of the filthiest pubs
in Sydney, & the
birthday girls fighting
for their presents. Ha!

ClubRussia in

Pre-drinks at

Lena, Masha & Gloria

The "electric duo"

Polina priletela s
Melburna. Vspominaem
Israilskie prikoli

Cherri Jam Nightclub.
Arina & Sveta

Alla, Lena, Nata
and Kostya

Marc & Sveta

Arina & Kostya

Sveta i Ulya
drug druzhku

Tantsuem (if you
can call it that) :-)

Alla & Lena

After-party at

Katya nervno priderzhivaet
Apollo za hvostik

Igorek priehal na

Zmeenish dushit
Igorya, a Igor
Dariny :-)

The ones that almost
made it

Zaslavsky's 29th
birthday party:

BBQ at Zaslavsky's

Zharim myaso

Marik, Gloria, Nastya
& spyashiy Lenya

Kuryashie na ylitsy.
Monya is having
the time of his

Little Lea got
a taste for beer :-)

Uncle Monya & Lea

Uncle Gino has
done it again :-)

The wrestlers

Shurik & Ulya

When you dont have
29 candles, you

Lenya & Nastya

"If you take it out,
that'll be the last
time you see your
balls, mate!"
Nad Fimoi prikalivatsya

The night is coming
to an end, the birthday
boy has had enough

The ones that almost
made it

Ulya came from
Melbourne, & while we
were at the bbq, Inna
took the Melbourne girls
to "Odessa on Bondi"

Happy birthday Polina!
ps. nice looking
cake :-p


We decided that
it's time to get
a little fit.
After failing in golf,
we thought to
try out a little
basketball instead.

Everyone wants to
be like Mike!

When basketball didn't
work out, some of
us tried tennis.

Personally, I hate
tennis and 80%
of other games with
small balls

The main thing is
not to give up.
We are now trying
out a new sport

Slon i Mos'ka na
velikah :-)

This is serious
stuff! heee

Zoya was a nuisance
on the road!

Trying to imitate
the experience of

Everyone, quick
pick a tree and
strike a pose!

While Monya went
to get some water...

Odno koleso tyt
drygoe tam!

Vadim goes off-road

Monya already
learned a trick

The ones that almost
made it

China awaits!:
Vlad, Vadim, Roma,
Shurik & Shilman at
a random pub in the

Vlad is moving to
Hong Kong, Roma
is moving to

Chuvak s sumkoi.
After many years of
walking around with
a mysterious bag,
Roma left it on a
table and we looked inside.
Not much fun there, but
at least we know he
is not a terrorist
(as we earlier
had theories about)

Pub crawl started in
Central and only
made it to Town Hall.
We failed to reach our
destination - The Rocks

Labour Day
Long weekend:

Gulyaem y Nino doma.
Nina & Tanusha got
new jobs, a reason to
celebrate :-)


Monya's favourite
animal hehe

Tim & Yana,
podruzhilis :-)

Thats right, Lock up
your daughters!
This boy is out to
get them!

Monya nashel sebe
dryga v kedah

Nata turns 25! BBQ
at the National Park.

Alla, great tasting

Remote-control car
that can go 80km/h

Monya bez kostra ne

Monya got cooked!

Vlad popped a tire
on the way out of
the park. Not happy.

Eating sugar by the

Druziya alkoholiki,
osobeno devchenki! :-p

The ones that almost
made it

Sam's 29th Birthday

House party. Yeah!

Eto nashi

Birthday boy bends
over a family
member, who then
attempts to bite?
his neck

Eto ne nashi.
And Shilman

A lipstick wearing
shark scares Sam

Eventually, after Tonee
has stopped poking
its eyes out, the
shark found its
home on the
clothes rack

Then there was a
shark-dog, just
randomly, walking
around. People
fed him.

Roma oral russkie
pesni. Mi, samo
soboi, podvivali

Shurik & Victoria.
Second outfit seemed
more inviting.

Babi v krasnom.

Working girls

That toilet also did
not have a door.

Music for the night!
Apparently this whole
system was hooked up
to an iPod, which
was not found

Dancing time!

Three photos &
Tonee could not
figure out how to
keep her eyes open

Those 2 live in this


Piyaniy Yasha vsem
ludyam volk!

The ones that almost
made it

Random Photos:
Sometimes, you just
look at your floor
and you say to yourself
- something is missing

Work in process :-)

Nino told everyone that
she is going to Israel.
She lied, we found
where she hides!

Grubie, golodnie

Earth Dance. Ilona
found a lion. Shurik
makes the earth
a safer place.

Shilman, after getting
attacked by sniffer
dogs & searched by police
for an hour, is now
telling everyone that
"This is a drug-free

We love our
grandmother, even though
she repeats the same
stories every time
& loves nothing more
in this world but her
Russian Television :-)


Apollo is slowly growing

Those glasses aren't
helping much, mate

Livnat & Ula

Livnat came back
from Israel for a visit

Motor Show 2008:
A couple of
slick looking concept
cars and Zoya, against

Thinking of getting
a bike, or maybe a
scooter :-)

Another of Vadim's
cousins from Israel :-)

Monya & Uzik are
playing with a toy

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