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World Trip, Part 3:

New York (USA) Washington DC (USA) Niagara Falls (Canada/USA) Toronto (Canada) Las Vegas (USA) Los Angeles (USA) Welcome back to Sydney

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New York, USA:
The Euro trip
is over, time to hit

Dzhigit & Vlad nas
vstretili v aeroporty,
kak pochetnih gostei

They even made a
plan for us (to which
we partly stuck to) :-)

Dzhigit is fully
American now. And
even a donor!

The first few hours
in New York. The lights,
people, size & general
feel makes you go mute
& a little dazed for
the first hour or 2.
New York is fucking

Rebyata nas srazu
potashili v kakoito
Armyanskiy restoran, gde
sovsem ne ploho kormyat

In the first few days
Shurik stumbled upon
a crime-scene. Someone
got stabbed (or shot).
Monya wouldn't let
Shurik get any closer to
take proper photos!

New York. You can almost
feel it in the air

WTC, or 9/11, or
just the infamous for
all the wrong reasons,
The World Trade
Center (or where it
used to be)

Monumental statues &
paintings all over
the place

The area is still
highly monitored by
police & security

A gothic looking
church looks great
amongst the high-rises
of the NYC

The famous Brighton
Beach. From all the
talks, we expected to
find a filthy looking
hole, full of rude
Russians. Rude Russians
we did find, actually
a lot more then
expected (takes you back
to the days in USSR),
but the area itself,
especially around the
beach itself is
quite nice!

Shashlichnaya! Cheap
and very tasty food.
BYO, zakusochka, wish
we still had a place
like that in Sydney

Found a Russian shop
(which wasn't very
hard), where Monya
found a USSR energy
drink (probably a
repackaged V).

The day has come!
Shurik has found his
all time favourite
beer! And
it tasted better then
most beer he has drunk
in years! aaa the memories!

, -

Monya & Vlad's family
of musicians

Vlad's cat got a

And here retards
take the most ridiculous
messages to the

On every corner of
NY there is either
a comedy club, or
someone is trying to
sell you a ticket to
one. Some are very funny,
others are not so much

While walking around
down-town, we decided
to grab a beer at
a local all-american bar

It took almost a
week for this
girl to meet up with
Shurik! Vikochka, zhdem
v Sydnee :-)

iPhone. Day 1 on the
market. The only way
to test it properly
is to go straight on

Cruising through
the streets of
NY. Next stop Russian
restaurant "Paradise

Chuvstvuem sebya kak

Lezginka in NY

Monya i mestnie

You simply cannot
compare the food,
the entertainment and
the overall atmosphere
of the Russian restaurants
of NY and of Australia.
Australian joints feel
like you are drinking
in a barn and
eating last week's
leftovers, compared
to NY

Zoishe i poza

One of the main
reasons (personally) for
the trip to NY is to
see this Kavkazi bastard

In and out, ny
pochti kak doma!

Vlad hasn't drank
like this since
his last day in Sydney

Dessert is flying
all over the place

Vlad was entertaining
the locals :-)

That's it, Amerikanets
is ready to attack!

Zoishe & sober Monya

Monya nemnogo vipil

Taking a cruise
on the NY harbour

There she is, the
famous Statue
of Liberty


I ❤ NY

Fucking tourists :-)

Shurik otkril Ameriky
cherez fortochku

Dzhigit & Ira ooochen
gostepriimnaya parochka

Vadim, Monya & [M?]

Dzhigit & Vlad

Zoishe & Ira

Live show! Vlad's sings
his songs + we join
in a Sector Gaza

Little Dzhigitik!

Rented a car, Vlad was
chosen as the safest
choice to be the
driver. Next stop
Washington DC!

The ones that almost
made it

Washington DC, USA:
On our way to
the Canberra of USA

Monya kak vsegda v
svoem repertuare.
Organised us a 5star
hotel right near
the White House

Our room rates.

One thing we wanted
to do in US is
play some baseball.
Unfortunately, this
was the closest we
got to playing

W - for White House.
(or was it White
Power?) :-)

The White House is
fully protected.
Cops, dogs, cameras,
helicopters, dudes with
guns on the roof,
it's all quite serious here

Just outside the gate,
on the other hand
we find this dude

Zoya got Vadim
hooked on posing

With some special
contacts with people
who know people, we
got a private tour of
the United States

Beautiful architecture,
paintings and even
their own private
rail to get around
the place

Some highly recommended
reading about this document
in front of you.
The real truth? Who

In the evening, we
decided to check
out some locals bars.
This one was particularly

The ones that almost
made it

Good night boys!
(fyi. Monya & Vlad were
in the same class
back in Odessa)

Niagra Falls, Canada:
The day we are
meant to catch a
bus across Canada is
the day some mental
dude beheads a random
tourist on one of
those buses. Great.

Monya is on the

View from out
balcony during the

View during the

You can cross the
US/Canada border right

Half head here,
half there

Niagra Falls is a
place for kids
or families

Shurik bought a bottle
of Jack to keep himself

Alongside the other
people in blue, we
board the boat and
travel under the famous

Maid of the mist

Monya's waterproof camera
came in handy

We don't buy photos,
we take snaps of them
just before they notice

The used thongs are then
sent to a third world country

Some of us got yellow

Kaifuem pod vodopadom!

more of those ones

Fuck you, birds

Chilling at the hotel balcony.
Gotta say - awesome view!

That same view at night

The ones that almost
made it

Las Vegas, USA:
Canada wasn't too exciting,
so now we are going
to the real party area.
Vegas baby!

Yep, we are in Vegas!

People get married in

Some wedding + random
chick photos next to
the famous Las Vegas

Gimps of Inga's & Chris's

She gambles and she
smokes! What a bride!

And it's all legit

The drinks that would
just not end

Chris & Inga

Our favourite place to
drink in Vegas! You
order a shot of vodka,
and for $3 you get
half of glass!

Ok, pretty sure that was
a real girl

Vadim the king

Our hotel New York,
New York

Fountain show at
the Bellagio Hotel

Rio Las Vegas show

Monya has updated
after weeks of shoe-

The long awaited
Penn & Teller show!

Monya & Shurik
Penn & Teller

Meeting the stars,
Monya's idols :-)

Even the short one
is still tall!

Zoya & Vadim with
Penn & Teller

Found matzo ball soup
plus lots of other
great food at our

That's right, nude
Europeans are allowed

Kolodets. Detstvo.

Rented another car,
somehow managed
to fit all our luggage
in it and on our
way to LA

Chris was definitely
a good choice of
a driver

10min out of Las Vegan
central and this is
all you see around

Whether to keep people,
or animals away
but the road is divided
by barbed wire with the

Monya is acting

Los Angeles, USA:
Entering our last
destination for the trip

Nope, this isn't the
real thing...

...this is Universal

Shurik is eating the
shark from inside

We are the shit!

Newlyweds again

Krustyland! This place is
soo cool!

Another photo we
didn't pay for :-)

Check out the waiting
times. 45min! Wtf!?

Flintstones :-)

Witnessed a crazy dude
disposing of a dead

Day outside Universal

Night outside Universal

A coyote ran in front
of the car right in
front of our eyes

A few small twitches
and it was dead. People
don't seem to care
much for these, they
are just wild animals
and get hit by cars all the

Zoya ostavila Shurika
v durakah s odnim

Hope you can hold it,
coz to get to this
toilet, you first need to
buy a token at the
register, then come
back, put the token
in the door and hope
it works.

Medical Marijuana,
only recently discovered that
it is easier to get then
first seems

Busker finds it
difficult to put the
bottle down, even
whilst playing a guitar

The famous California
Muscle Beach has
been moved to another
beach :-)

Decided to go for our
last swim in the last
hour of our holiday

Monya's favourite hangout

The closest we got
to the real Hollywood


Last photo before driving
to the airport

Home... sweet home

6 weeks of craziness
are over.

The ones that almost
made it

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