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World Trip, Part 2:

Rome (Italy) — Berlin (Germany) — Pisa (Italy) — Venice (Italy) — Prague (Czech Republic) — London (UK)

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Rome, ITALY:
Enough of driving
for now, we are
flying into Roma!

Vadim loves to fly

Colosseum is visible
from the sky,
we must be close

If you want to shit
yourself in the first
minutes of arrival — catch
a cab! This cabbie was
reading a newspaper,
talking to Monya,
looking at the map,
describing to us where
to go and why...
all this while driving
on a highway & telling
other "bad" drivers
that they are idiota!

Priehali. Fotkaemsya
na lestnitse

The trains in Rome are
not like in Sydney.
They do not have
doors between carriages,
so if you own a
pair of wheels
(roller blades, skateboard,
etc) — you can have
a lot of fun!

Russians advertise their
services. Some ads look
like they've been
there since last century

Na ylitse zharko.
Arbuz is the best!

Most statues in Europe
are very detailed,
nothing is forgotten

In Rome there is water

It's cold, it's fresh,
& everyone drinks it!

In most places it's
running 24/7. Quite
the opposite of Australia,
where you get fined
for watering your
own garden

Who ever said that
pizza in Italy is
crap, obviously tried
the wrong pizza

The thought of the
Colosseum was always
that it's surrounded
by other ruins. It's true,
but it's also located in
the middle of the city

On top of the bus
to the famous Colosseum

Some more touristy
photos that no1
really wants to see

Zoishe near some ruins

Statues of the Vestal Virgins,
or whatever is left of them

Statues are there
to take photos with

Stealing the fruit
from the Emperor's

In Rome - it's all about

Roman Catholic crosses
are everywhere

The Vatican City
— Shurik saw the light

Monya is now also a
believer, he saw it

Nope, it's all fake,
just some light coming
through the roof

Monya has then decided
to join in the prayers

Outside — there is just
so much empty space!

Armed security guards
are keeping an eye
on everything

Where is Monya?

Nuts are fried in
this weird looking cooker

Zoishe caught up
with her childhood
friend, who now lives
near Rome

A shop called "Expensive".
They do have
a "Sale" sign on it!

While at her friend's
place, Zoishe finds
this photo of her &
Svetochka. Ohh yeah, USSR!

Monya hated Rome.
Monya would rather
stick a pair of
scissors in his
hand then spend
another day there

The ones that almost
made it™

Berlin, GERMANY:
Another flight,
another country

Our hotel was next
door to a zoo.
How can you not go?

At the zoo we
saw some of our
friends. There is Vlad
& few relos

We also saw Romochka,
doing nothing as usual

It felt like home,
anywhere you turn,
you see your friends

Vadim & Monya went a
bit out of their
way to belong

Zoo-photo FAIL

Zoya took the photo
& Ulya gave the
idea. With a bit of
editing — perfect Valentines
Day card :-)

Berliner Dom, church.
Destroyed in WWII,
now reconstructed &
looks pretty as always

Could serve as
a pretty good
ad for a SMART car

Traffic lights in
East Berlin.
Also called

Gotta love how
they cover up
the part of the building,
that is undergoing
reconstruction. None
of that ugly green
material hanging down,
these people want
their city to look
good at all times!

Hotel Adlon, the
famous window from
which Michael Jackson
has once shown
his baby

A tiny bit of contrast

Zoya i berezka.
Ny i Vadim

So what happens if
you don't get a smile? :-)

Once again, highly
recommend getting
a tour-guide. This
dude was extreme. He
got so involved in
telling us about
places, that he would
start bending in
half and spit with
ferocity when
describing the Nazi

The Memorial to the
murdered Jews of

Established in 1999, designed
by Peter Eisenman,
the internationally renowned
New York architect

A monument against

Berlin's famous ghost
train station

The Berlin wall

East & West Berlin

Now, everywhere where
the wall used to be,
it's marked like that

It's all about WWII
in Berlin. Some things
are left untouched

Hitler's bunker, Russian
Embassy, etc

An Indian looking
dude is dressed up
in Russian Soldier
uniform & is
basking on the street

Another darkish fellow
is selling Russian hats
& gas masks as souvenirs

We got some free
passes to a
"Berlin Pub Crawl".
How could we say
no!? It wasn't
of course free,
but we did get some
free drinks &
experienced 1 night
of a backpackers
party life

Not sure through how
many bars/pubs/clubs we
we went through, but
Shurik ended up staying
behind, getting
lost, meeting a
skin head, then a
russian family, eventually
making it home the
next morning

Even the skin-head
in the middle of
nowhere seemed very
friendly & helped
Shurik find the train
to get back home

Stainless steel toilet,
heavy, strong, well
build. Suits Germany
quite well

Where is Vadim?
ohh yeah, at the
money exchange! :-)

Pisa, ITALY:
Enough of ze Germans,
we are flying
back into Italy!

Is there any other
reason why people
go to Pisa?


more retards

Maybe if this tower
won't be around, people
will find other things
to see in Pisa

The markets here remind
a lot of the markets
in Thailand

Want to buy some
fake bags? These dudes
will be more then happy to
sell it to you.

But as soon as the cops
show up - they run, literally

Car #2, so far no
damage to this one!

One of our big aims
was to find a beach
and go for a swim. Opening the
map - we saw some water.
Driving towards it, we
finally found this
little resort, that
looked like a mix of
Watsons Bay, Sydney &
Plyazh v Illichevske

The only difference, neither
Sydney or Illichevsk had
ducks on their beaches,
and we have better sand

Venice, ITALY:
Arrived to Venice.
A pretty place full or
gondolas & water
you can't swim in

Vadim & Zoishe

Above & below the

ahh romantika

Zoya is extra rizhaya

Fresh fruit on
a hot day

The main streets of

ahh romantika

Foto for Nata


Pigeons are everywhere!
These filthy birds are
all over the square,
but it looks pretty cool!

Hope she washed her
hands after

Vadim was caught

Shurik & Monya heard
about the Jewish Ghetto
and spend hours looking
for it. Eventually, finding
some random guy who
looked somewhat jewish we
asked: "Mattie, where is the
Jewish Ghetto here?"
"The Jewish Ghetto?" he
replied. "You are here!"

Of course! How could
we not notice
it ourselves! The only
place with 24 hour
security, matza &
those special deals

Shilman's book was
left for the jews
to read

When there is trouble
in the hood - I feel
sorry for anyone on
the gondola. The police
fly down the canals with
waves rising high

Venice, a place where
people live & go
on with their daily

Took a photo of this
interesting looking doorbell.
Some people noticed,
came up to it & after
reading the names also
took a photo

Toilet with no
toilet seat. Just
the way it should be.
Toilet with no door - now
that's just plain wrong

Zoya ikala

Monya, spokoino, oni
vsego lish hotyat
sdelat' mitzvah :-)

The ones that almost
made it™

No more driving
for us, we are flying
into Eastern Europe

Mr & Mrs Britvan.
Not sure who
Monya booked the rooms
for, but it's Intercon,
so who cares?! :-)

Some wine for
Mrs Britvan

View from our room

Street vendors like
this are everywhere.
Usually ran by young
girls from Ukraine,
chatting & flirting
with everyone, asking
you to buy them a beer,
or some wine

Fur haters are here
too. Whatever Harrods
are, people who shop
there never even
look at these signs

Buskers here are
a full ensemble of
talented musicians

Museum of communism.
Zoya took these pics,
but never told us
there was one for
us to visit!

Tours in Prague were
great, full of funny
backpackers & a great

The streets looked
quite friendly with
the executioner
chopping up apples
with a sword

View from one of the
highest points of Prague

From about the same

Touch it for good
luck. The actual bronze bit
is shiny only because
so many people have
touched it over the

When it comes to
Christ, they make it look
quite interesting. Christ
crucified on the cross
with some Hebrew lettering
around him. Anyone,
translate? :-)

Inside one of the
massive & beautiful
churches of Prague

Street toilets that
need some servicing.
The doors seem
to automatically open
before the job is done

It was time for
another tour. These
guys looked quite

But we decided to
do something different
and learn a little
about the Holocaust.
A trip to one of the
concentration camps
is something we wanted
to do for a while,
but were warned it's not
the most pleasant place
to visit

On the 2 hour
bus ride out of
Prague we saw an ad
for staying awake
behind the wheel: "Neusni"

Arrived. First thing that
we see is a massive
grave for both jews
& christians

The gates to Terezin
Concentration Camp

Some people were
just hung, right

Nowhere to run,
the long underground
tunnels get you nowhere,
a dead end with a
locked gate. And if you
do manage to escape
from there — the green
area you see now was
filled with water, gunmen
around the walls,
with the actual walls
marked with SS

Cameras were not
allowed anywhere, mainly
coz they want to keep
things private, but
here is a little
glimpse of what life
was for some of the

The gas chambers, a
place where they fooled
people into having
showers. Most other
ppl couldn't hold
back & took photos too

A table where they
would do experiments,
operations, etc...

And when they were
done — the bodies
were burned in this

Away from the sad
Terezin, and back in
Prague. we found a
great place to eat,
The menu itself makes
you want to try

Not so sure about
a drink called "Sperm"!

The ones that almost
made it™

London, UK:
Our last stop in
Europe & definitely
one of the best

Monya i Zoya ne
daut Shuriky otdohnut'

Arrived! Love the
cabs in London!
Feels like you are
traveling in a limo
every time! Not
mentioning the fact
that they give the
whole city a classy feel

Using google-maps
to find our way

Trains in London
are great. They're only
missing one thing —
air con!

Some more of the
great tour guides
we have come across.
Not that we remember
everything we've
learned at the time,
but the places do
look a lot more
interesting when you
actually know what
you are looking at!

One of the things
you notice are multiple
chimneys all over the
roofs. Now not in service

A touch of Dali

Witnessed the famous
changing of the guard
at Buckingham Palace

Took a photo with
one of those dudes
who stand all day
and not move a muscle

Together for London

London is quite an
interesting place.
A couple placed a bed
in the middle of the
city & just lay in it
all day cuddling

And now we meet
the best tour guide
of Europe - Nicola

Nicola, Zoishe, Vadim,
Shurik & Monya inside
the London Eye

A great view of
the whole city from
here. No wonder
it's the London Eye!

And now let's take
a look at the city
through some fresh
bird shit

Taking an open-top
bus tour

Welcome to Madame

Zoya sfotkalas s
izvestnim malchikom i
Vadimy eto ne ponravilos

Found as many famous
people as we could!

This part of
it was great, but
Zoya ran away. Of

London likes to strike.

Anything happens on
the news — and off
they go! Some kid
got stabbed when
we were there, so
people straight away
took it to the
streets. Cops just
stood back and watched,
they are used to it
by now

The news on the
other hand, take
a humorous approach

Olya, who moved from
Sydney about 2 years
ago showed us a
good time, with
some help from Manit

Some chick's going
away party, we're
there for support,
what else?!

Manit & Shurik had
a few too many
drinks :-)

Olinka prinimaet rodi

But no-one had as
many drinks as Monya

Monya prosto lezhal
i ylibalsya

He also made
a great bar-table

Eventually we threw
everything we could
find on top of
passed out Monya and
left him there to

Vdrug Monya rezko vstal,
vishel na ylitsy i
stal valit' vseh

Great night! Thanks

The next day we
met Natasha. Finally,
after years of on-line
communications, the
plans to move to Australia
that never happened,
we came to her!

Za eto vremya ona
uzhe uspela viiti
zamuzh i vot pochti
stala mamoi!

Zoishe & Vadim exploring

Met some very friendly

Big Monya & Big Ben

There are more buskers
on this esplanade then
anywhere! Should
of taken a photo
of each one of them.
Some are quite
useless, while others
are very talented.

Perfect family. We
followed this couple
for a while. The
mother has a quite
large kid strapped
to her back, as
well as a couple of
bags hanging off her.
The father is pushing
a stroller with a
tiny backpack

Hyde Park, London

These squirrels look
a lot cuter then
the Aussie possums!

One of our last nights
in London. Olinka &
Manit took us out
for some fancy Japanese

One of the things
we were looking
forward to all trip
was this: the famous
"Phantom of the Opera".
And it didn't disappoint
us at all

Suit up, bitch!

Outside the theater

The feeling you get
from Europe, &
London in particular,
is that you want to
go to the opera, to
the theater, to see
a random show that
is advertised on
every corner of
the city. In Australia,
it's usually when the
show is over and someone
is talking about it
you realise — "This was
on? Here? I never
even knew".

Monya was chatting
to Ortal and she
decided to pass on
a message for Zoya (aka Max)

The ones that almost
made it™ (part 1)

The ones that almost
made it™ (part 2)

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