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We are on facebook. Join "Russians in Australia"new page group, or become a fan (like)new page of e-shurik.
We are also on vkontakte.ru (a Russian rip-off of facebook). Join "Русские в Австралии"new page group, it's all a part of the same family.
Our "Русские в Австралии" groupnew page on odnoklassniki.ru. A famous Russian social site that has more bugs than this website, but it's still very popular (especially amongst the older generation).
We post all the updates on twitternew page, it's for the lazy people, so we like it.
  Про нас пишутnew page! Our "RinA" groups & e-shurik are mentioned on wikipedia.
  We design & print tshirts. Best is to contact us direct if you are after something specific.
  Жжедеврыnew page of e-shurik.
  "Кавказская Пленница в Сиднее"new page — a short movie we made for a friend's wedding.
  Host your website with indefinitespace.comnew page. We do.
  Volobuev.comnew page, our Russian Connection in Queensland, Australia.



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